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Day 4 of Gratefulness

“What food are you most grateful for?”

oohhh shoot… This might be the hardest question in this challenge…

shia labeouf disgusted even stevens louis stevens nauseous

okay… after staring at the screen for a while and listening to music, I have come tot a conclusion to choose pizza, fries, and ice cream.

It’s not a one answer kind of question okay?!

and besides, it’s fair to ask someone who loves food a lot what food she’s grateful for… I was even considering answering everything… But then I’m also a picky eater so maybe not.

So how I came to this answer?

I’ll explain.

Everyone loves pizza… well, maybe not all.. but you get the picture. a lot of people are into pizza, same goes with fries. they’re the ultimate comfort food. And when you say comfort food, it’s what keeps you living in this world because if not, you’ll be missing out on all the pizza and fries. It’s what I’m grateful for.

Mcdonald’s fries is my weakness. I always go to the nearest Mcdonald’s in my university whenever i’m so stressed with school. I go to Mcdonald’s when I needed that alone time and just eat my feelings out. When I’m depressed, pizza or fries or ice cream helps me out.

Ice cream is my emotion-chilling food. when everything gets so much and I just wanna feel numb or cold, ice cream is my go to food.

I know these sound depressing, but after eating, it helps me getting through everything. it’s what I’m grateful for. because without these foods, gosh I don’t know how to get through every day.

and to think that I used to hate pizza before huh? *laughing at myself for doubting pizza before*

What’s your favorite food? and what food makes you grateful that it’s invented?

Enjoy the little things in life.




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