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Day 3 of Gratefulness

“What color are you grateful for?”

Hmm.. This is a weird question to be honest…

I’ll go with blue.

I guess my first instinct is to pick my favorite color, because why not?. But how am I gonna explain it? just because I like the color pink or lavender does not mean it gives me gratitude every time I see it.

so I  this question real hard first before I pick. I’m a very colorful person I guess.. a color yellow can give me joy and a color green can give me a feeling of freshness and nature. a nude color could give me a sense of feeling bare or feeling neutral. red could give me a feeling of anger, shot of confidence, sexiness, and compassion.

but the color the gives me the best feeling whatever it is, is blue.

the color gives me a feeling of calmness whenever I need a break. Gives me sadness whenever I’ve been keeping up an armor of happiness to get through every day. It gives me a sense of clarity when it’s been dark. It gives me a memory of people, events, of places, of things, just because a lot of them use this color mostly.

any shades of blue gives off different feelings for me.

What are you grateful for today? Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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