Little Words of Little Things..

Day 2 of gratefulness 

“what technology are you grateful for?”

I guess the phone. The smartphone.

Because it helps everything make easier for all of us. 

I could list a ton of things right now for all the help the smartphone has done for us, but it’ll just kill time. So I’ll just write a few. 

What I’m grateful for it most is that it connects. Connects me to places, events, and people. People around the world, that either i barely know or i love the most. It’s what keeps me from knowing how things are with them. To feel like I’m with them even when I’m not. It’s what gets me to be with them because personally, i can’t. 

It gives me connection to places… Ones i haven’t been before… And to be honest, might not. Most of us has or had a dream of going around the world and get to go to all the places as much as our lifespans can give us. But there’s a lot of factors hindering that: childhood, financial issues, personal problems, aging, etc. that it looks like you only have a few years to get everything done. But with the smartphone… I get to explore a lot of places even just by the screen. 

It gives me knowledge. Google is the main place to learn… But there’s more out there that can help you. And a smartphone helps in giving you access to those things anytime, anywhere.  

Ah..  See?  I have a ton more… But i might be boring you… 

So in short, a smartphone is what I’m thankful for most of all the technologies. What’s yours? 

Enjoy the little things in life.  😊


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