Little Words of Little Things..

Day 1 of gratefulness 

“what smell am i grateful for Today?”

This afternoon, it suddenly became cloudy and the smell of rain is all around  the place.

its been a hot day today. the kind that someone who lives in the philippines can’t even take… and its been always hot here…

So the thought of having rain at the moment makes me weep with joy because we can take a break from all this hot weather.

Not only am i grateful for the rain because I’ve been feeling hot,  but also for the farmers around the country. This heat is not helping the farmers with their crops, and  a few rain is gonna be a great help to everyone.

So thank you,  the smell of rain,  for letting me know that soon, the sky is gonna open up and pour rain down… 

Remember guys,  enjoy the little things in life. 😊


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