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We’re asked to do an essay of some sorts that describes a one word. And the word “mother” is what got to me.

For a child, this word means a lot for him/her. It’s their first love, first best friend, first in almost everything. They are the ones that gave life to them, carried them for nine months and growing inside her for months. She is the caring hands and the loving arms, the worrier and the encourager and there to be the saviour in times of downfall and grief, and to be the one to smile and laugh with at times of joy.

For a growing child, she is his/her first teacher. The one who told them what is right and what is wrong. The one who created rules and expects you to obey them or else you’ll face the consequences she made. She is the one who cleans the house, the one doing chores and teaching you how to do it, the one who takes you to school and fetches you, carrying a bunch of questions about how the day has been. She is the one around you as you take the first step out to meet new people and the one who gives her time in order for you to have time in the world to learn and discover.

For a teenaged kid, she is both the best-friend-you’ll-ever-have and a-pain-in-the-a**.  She is the one who pushes you to “grow up” and start to be mature and at the same time giving you more rules to obey and limitations and restrictions. And as much as you want to break free from her hold, you cannot, simply because of the fact that she had been—and still is—in a harder situation when she took care of you. And you know that you cannot deny another fact that you have a connection to her that even in your most livid moment with her, you will still forgive her and come back to her. She is also your biggest role model as you grow up and old and starts to learn things that are significant for living, the one who gives the best advice because her advices came from her experience.

For a grown-up person who just started experiencing living independently, she is the one who guides, the one who prides, and the one who is most satisfied to the accomplishments you just finished and the opportunities you’ll face soon. She is the one who as much as care for you deeply, will respect whatever decision you make as long as those decisions would not make you hurt another person or yourself, and would not make you lose touch with her. She is the one who not only felt content for you living independently, but also felt acceptance and love for you to finally spread out the wings she helped in tending to grow and took care to make them as big and wide for you as you take flight.

For a middle aged person, she is the one who is slowly fraying and dying away bit by bit as hours goes by. the one that finally gave up her strength for she knows you will be there to be with her as she take the next few hours of her life sitting and reminiscing and thanking you and priding you at least for the last time, with her last breaths to how much she loves you and how much she cares for you… And how proud she is to be a mother to you.


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