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Mr. Beautiful (Up in the Air #4) by R.K. Lilley

I’d only met her once. Why did it feel like I’d wanted her forever?

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When was this Published? October 14th, 2014

When did I read this? February 24th, 2016 to February 25th, 2016

I honestly forgot that the Up in the Air series have a fourth book! I already finished the first three maybe a year or two ago… and I thought that was it, the ending… I was actually happy to way it ended in the third book, it really looked like the end of things… 

And it is… For Bianca’s part.

What is this about?

It’s basically the story from the start… Just from the point of views of other characters around the series, except Bianca (Yeah, ’cause she got to narrate in the other three books… No one wants to hear her side anymore). And aside from different POVs, there are other stories that are exclusively from the Narrator’s experience which is why Bianca wasn’t able to tell the story of it. The main narrator seems to be James, then Stephan, the the rest others that seems to want to tell their story.

What did I think about this?

I am actually satisfied with this continuation… I mean for someone who’s read a ton of series already and most of the times waiting for the next part to publish, I sometimes lose interest in some books… Also some books just had to end after the third book you know? no need to go write another one just because you need money or what, sometimes stories had to end like that, but R.K. Lilley took another route, where she went back to the same story, only someone told the story we read, and added some stories of the other characters that clarified the questions we had and shone new light to the story we read and made us understand it in a whole new and deep way.

This kind of writing isn’t actually new… I’m sure someone did this already, I might’ve read stories that went like this… But R.K. Lilley did it smoothly I’m actually impressed.

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The writing flow is great enough that there were no parts where I was confused about what I’m reading about. Though there were some parts where I was stopping and back-tracking a few pages because I didn’t know who was narrating the chapter.

the technique of present-to-past-to-future timeline was great as well.the present stands as a refresher from where the last boo ended. The past was the little pieces missing to complete Bianca’s story and understand everything–including the other character’s story. The future shows the readers where our beloved characters are and how everything they went through came to that point.

I also love how Bianca and James had not just one child–but a lot! Gosh… I hate it when I spill some juicy stuff but I just have to voice out the new generation of these guys… Also Tristan’s kids!! *squealing*

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Okay… Calming down now… the parts that excited me are the stories about James and Bianca’s married life. How they overcame every obstacles of a married life to get stronger and faithful to each other. ( add the parts where James expressed his loyal and whole-hearted love for Bianca that all readers who were doubting him would think otherwise.)

Aside from the amazing story, I didn’t notice many typos. I’m sure I encountered a few, but otherwise, nothing too drastic.

Soo.. That’s it… Terribly recommend this series to those who loved Fifty Shades of Grey and Nicholas Sparks books… Because that’s how this thing transitioned. (I swear!)

I, James Cavendish, unrepentant dominant, sexual deviant, and prolific slut for more years than I cared to count, was in love.

I’d taken her virgin body, but just as surely, she’d taken my virgin heart.

“… A love like that makes you better, even if you lose it all, you can’t be sorry that you had it. Trust me on this.”

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***This book got a 5-star rating on my Goodreads account.***






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