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Forgetting August (Lost & Found #1) by J.L. Berg

No matter how much he loved me.

No matter how much I loved him in return.

I would never, ever belong to another person.

For as long as I lived.

I absolutely love and hate this book… but a review is still a review… I’ve been doing a hasty review for the first few books I’ve posted didn’t I?

Which is why I decided to try my best to make a review as a reader and as a reviewer. (is that what they call people who do reviews to a book?) 

I will have my moments of criticizing and moments of fan girling, so bear with me.

P.S. my fangirling, would be the ones in italic… most of the time.

When was this published? December 1st, 2015

When did I read this? February 20th, 2016 to February 21st, 2016

What’s it about?

It’s about a woman named Everly, who once loved a man before he became a monster. Now a few years of not seeing him and branding him as dead, she can finally continue a safe and happy life–as safe and happy as it can get with her guilt following her. That is until the unthinkable happened, the dead rose from its bed.

The man, August, has been a vegetable (gosh! not literally okay? it’s a metaphor.) for a few years, and when he woke up from his personal sleeping beauty state everything was gone. Everything. So when he found Everly, he hang onto her for hope to get everything back. That is, if there is something to get back at all.

The other knows everything. The other doesn’t. But the monster is in one of them.

jimmy fallon what confused excuse me outraged

What did you think about it?


The whole story has a good roller coaster ride to it… I mean, a total roller coaster ride–complete with the ups and downs and the round-n-round thing going on. It keeps readers up and reading like crazy to find out the mystery showed at the previous chapter.

It’s more of completing a puzzle with a dash of romance while solving it.

J.L. Berg got the two point-of-views rolling in this story, and it’s nice to know that even though August has amnesia his mind isn’t that blank at all… or else his chapters would be boring as hell trying to figure out if chocolate is better than vanilla. Everly’s portions are full of worries, fears and mysteries and other bunch of stuff that would connect you to the next puzzle–of course, she’s the one who knows everything, she’s the only one who can tell us what happened right?–which is why he chapters are significant for people who want to just get the hell on with it and solve the mystery plot of this story. Then August’s portions are more slow, trying to find oneself–the new one– while trying to get back in time to learn about his old self while slowing connecting the dots of the past and future. It’s a good combination for readers to have a mix of fast and slow as they try to figure out the story unfolding one page at a time.

The supporting characters in the story kept it from being to concentrated to August and Everly. Some are eclectic, some are the usual characters you’ve read in romance novels, some are annoying as hell, some are just “what-the-hell-is-their-purpose-in-this-story” kind. But as a reviewer, I feel like I need to discuss some characters that kept this story alive and floating.

Brick Abrams. the character that made the story possible to reach Chapter 29. or else it would have ended at Chapter 15. No kidding. His role in this story for me seems important, hence the 14 chapters added, but setting aside the humor, despite his short come-outs in the book, he did the biggest turn of events in the story, he was like the driver of the tour bus we readers are riding.

Ryan. This man, is now under the category “silent prey” and “weak body-strong heart” of my fictional characters…Not that I have a list… I don’t. I have mixed feelings with this guy, and I’m boarding on kicking the hell out of him for him to wake up of the love bliss he seems to be with Everly, because dude… you’re way too much of a hopeless romantic. His character is the type that makes or breaks a relationship… and it keeps the relationship of Everly and August a murky water to tread so yeah, he creates more mystery in this already mysterious story.

This is the type of story that brings you to the edge of the cliff to feel the height and might of the place, together with the exhilaration of feeling the wind wrap around you, before throwing you over the cliff to feel the devastation of falling and breaking apart as you fall down. 

personal rage angry gif gif post time for another gif post

See? I can be a poet if I wanted to…

You know that most books have their own moral lesson within the story right? And we as readers are to find it so that we won’t think of the whole 300+ paged story as insignificant right? Which is why I also plan to add here what I learned and what I think is the moral lesson of this story.

I think Everly’s side is where we would be able to learn a lot which are: Not lying, not pretending, being true to oneself (I mean really… she pretty much lied to herself as well.), to let go of the past to get through with the future, to admit mistakes and own up to it, as well as to love someone wholeheartedly, unconditionally and selflessly and not out of some responsibility, and self-satisfaction.

August’s side would be maybe trying to learn from mistakes of the past, so as not to relive it again… seriously, does he really need to go through the same mistakes 5 times to get through it? and also to have a love that isn’t too consuming that you’ll eat yourself whole, more like having a balance.

The over-all book for me was just too much and a little bit traumatic. I’m sure Veronica Roth and Suzanne Collins did worse, but J.L. Berg was close to achieving that kind of hurt for me. Way too much mystery and what a cliffhanger that I was a little wounded after the last page. Though feelings aside, it will keep readers latching on just to find out if there’s a possibility of an happily ever after in this two fictional characters.

“… Life is not great Brick. It’s complicating and confusing and–”


“What?” I asked.

“Everyone’s life is complicated and confusing, Everly. It’s what keeps us breathing and not falling over dead of boredom. It’s the chaos that makes life worth it.”

Thanks for giving time to this what seems like a long review I’ve made. *laughs sheepishly*

weird laughing laugh nostalgia haha

***this book got a 4-star rating on my Goodreads account.***


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