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One Last Sin (The Sin Trilogy #3) by Georgia Cates

Finally! an ending to this smoking hot and chair-raising trilogy… though I was mostly in bed when I was reading it…

When was this published? March 23rd, 2015

When did I read this? January 30th, 2016 to February 1st,  2016

What’s it about?

The ending to the The Sin Trilogy, which started with the cliff-hanging ending of the second book, and then rushes forward to the story of the couple’s relationship and struggles as husband and wife as well as the conclusion to the long mystery of Bleu’s mother’s killer as well as the long awaited revenge of the year. Add the elimination of threats surrounding the protagonists to pave a way for a happily ever after villains and bad guys get (Though this gang doesn’t sound so bad to me anymore…).

What did I think of this?

I expected this story to end as Bleu and Sin living their happily ever after with their twins… and it did, with a lot of other additional points that I could never expect if I only read the first book…

I never expected that a ton of things can still be thrown over by the last book of this trilogy and still make it to its happily ever after but Cates did it, and even though it was a maze of new things learned and new things found, this author still gave what the readers wanted: a well-deserved happily ever after even if the guy is the head of a scottish gang and the girl had dark ideas of killing someone before.

I’m still impressed with how Cates managed to build plot after plot in this story and still make it look realistic.

So many things to say, but alas, I’m not giving out spoilers so go read ’em yourself people!


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