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The Next Sin (The Sin Trilogy #2) by Georgia Cates

I decided to post the next two parts of this trilogy a day after the other so that I can get this Trilogy out of my head… IT’S SO CONSUMING. 🙂

When was this published? February 9th, 2015

When did I read this? January 28th, 2016 to January 29th, 2016

What’s it about?

A continuation to the story of A Necessary Sin, fast forward a few months after Bleu’s quick escape and trying to move ahead in life without Sin in it… Although Bleu didn’t see it coming when Sin caught up to her and sweep her off her feet again. now with clarifications made, threats coming their way and their strong love for each other, the only option both could think up is: Marriage.

What did I think about this?

It was a little tame for me compared to all that’s happened to the first book… if you don’t include the last few chapters…

I was expecting more action and strong woman stuff in here. but I guess falling in love does make some women go all gooey even if they’re former FBI agents (but I’m still pleased with the story flow, so don’t mind my comment above.)

a lot of turn of events that made the ending a little more blurry for me to figure out and for me to try and decipher it.

no matter, this book still kept me hanging and head over heels in finding out the ending of this story.

(***This book got a 3-star rating in my Goodreads***)


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