Book Reviews

The Heir by Kiera Cass

I honestly held back reading this because I was waiting for the next part of the book, but when good books were scarce I decided to jump right into another Cass book to satisfy my inner bookworm…

When was this published?  May 5th, 2015

When did I read this? February 7th to February 11th, 2016

What do I think about this book?

at first, I was glad as *tooot* when I found out the selection series won’t end at The One, so I was anticipating this book… And now that I finished reading it… I can’t put into words the feelings i have about this. I even contemplated doing a review for it, I was thinking of how much it disappointed me that I don’t think it’s worth a review for…

I’m still a Kiera Cass fan, don’t doubt me, but I guess the book as a whole was a mix of let-down, cliff-hanging, and frustrating for me.

It did however made readers want the next book so that we can get over this cliff-hanging part the ending gave us, so I guess Kiera will be expecting tons of money once we buy the book…

What got me by through the whole story was Eadlyn and Kile’s moments, which were minimum and short for a 340+ paged book. That and the previous characters from the Selection was a good part to get by… aside from that? All I can think about is more drama, obstacles and walls of frustration for me.

Oh! let’s not forget how stuck up Eadlyn is in the whole book, (set aside the Kiledlyn moments, and family moments.) I personally think Kiera exaggerated some parts in the book. I hope that the next set would give the readers some relief after going through this, and that Kiera would pave a good ending for the Selection Series.

over-all, It kind of sucked, but I’m still hoping things would turn out great for the next part so that I’ll forgive Kiera Cass for this hurting i’m feeling.


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