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London Falling by T.A. Foster

Hah! I finally won a long battle of reading continuously instead of stopping every once in a while… So now I had the chance to free myself of towering books (or ebooks…) that I’ve read or will read to write reviews about them! 🙂 goodie!

(I  deeply apologize for not posting my 2015 reading challenge yet… but I will get to that soon, even though it’s too late…)

back to subject at hand…

When was this published? January 14th, 2014

When did I read it? February 17th, 2016 to February 18th, 2016

What genre is this? Romance


What’s it about?

The story revolves around the protagonist named London James and how her last semester started as a last stepping stone on her way to L.A. to being the last semester that could make a great change in her life.

It involves getting As for grades, opportunities to break away from hometown, and falling in love unexpectedly.

After being assigned to a project about debunking reality shows, London and her assigned partner, Beau, spent an entire semester faking a relationship, going to dates and resist to the temptation of falling in love. or is it all fake?

What do you have to say about the book?

This is my first time reading a story about this–particularly, reality show experiment as project for graduating students– so I didn’t have much of an expectations about the book aside from hoping it’s a good story and no typos or wrong grammar.

I was not disappointed about this book and I really ended up liking it, which is surprising since I wasn’t really into stories that have problems coming up every page. Though, I think it’s what made the story more realistic and believable. The dates per se, are imitation, and I’m glad that they did their own version of it and not copy it to a T. also, I like that the problems are relatable to students as well.

no fifty shades level of making love was part of the book, so I’m grateful that the author kept it mild, and also included the people around the protagonist as well in the story so as not to centralize the relationship of London and Beau in the whole 300+ pages.


I have no complaints or whatsoever to this book which is why I’m giving it a 5-star rating! 🙂 weee!!!





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