Happy New Year!

I am terribly sorry for not even peeking at my own site for a few months; it’s been a roller coaster ride for me by the last few months of 2015. It wasn’t a very nice excuse… but hey, I’m back now.

First things first… I need to make a few changes to my “About me” page, so just wait for it. Next, is that I haven’t updated you guys of my 2015 Reading Challenge (Sadly, I wasn’t able to complete my goal of 30 books to read last year from Goodreads, so I don’t know how I feel about that…) anywho, aside from that, I’ll probably start another Writing Challenge which will keep me going back to my site and not neglecting it…

2016 came by rather quietly than the usual, so no posts about the Philippines’ fireworks display by the neighbours, or extravagant feast that could serve 12 people, and a table full of circular fruits to bring in good luck, as well as reds and polka dots whatsoever. (Yeah, we Filipinos and our beliefs… we would be ordinary without them…)

I hope your welcoming of the New Year wasn’t as dull as mine sounded, because if it did, well… We can work together to plan the bangest (Yep, bangest…) New Year celebration for 2017…

As always, Enjoy the little things in life…



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