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We Are…

Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post, and because I’m in the middle of academics and exams, I barely have enough time to make book reviews and write blog posts (I’m so sorry..) 

Anywho, I wrote this acrostic poem about my college program for our college paper, and I like to share this with you so you all have a very enlightening knowledge about Occupational Therapy. šŸ˜‰ 

For those who doesn’t know what acrostic poem is, here’s a definiton:

Our goal is to help you

Creating a purpose for a life you thought would be meaningless

Caring for you isn’t just for our satisfactory. But also for yours

Uniting you and the society despite the obstacles

Preparing you for a lifetime of surprises you will do to yourself and   chances you get from the things you worked hard for.

Accomplish challenges in life knowing you did it without the help of what you don’t have

Transforming you to a better you–without losing yourself in the process

Initiating you to take the leap, for a tomorrow full of opportunities 

Opportunities that will bring you not only the easiest ways to live your life, but also ways to enjoy that life.

Nurture you with alternative ways to have a smooth journey of your life, as much as possible

Allowing you to control your life, because it’s your life. And,

Letting you know that despite what you have and/or don’t have, you deserve to have a life worth living, and you enjoy living in.

This is us.

Harboring hours, days, years of our time to help you.

Everyone of us, committed to give you the ability to grab the chances life gave you

Reaching out to you, for you to reach out to the dreams you have for yourself

Ablest you to be to accept yourself, and love yourself.

Promising ourselves that all of this hardships will be worth it because,

You will make us believe that nothing is impossible.

Now read the first letters vertically, For this is who we are.
Enjoy the little things in life. šŸ˜‰


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