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Matefinder by Leia Stone

Date Published: December 24, 2015

Date I read the book: June 20,2015- June 21,2015

For every woman who has ever had to fight to be who they were destined to be, this book is for you. ~ Leia Stone

I didn’t asked for this. To be changed. To be on the brink of death, waiting for release from the pain, only to wake and find out I was a monster, an impossible thing, an animal.


For a vegetarian named Aurora, her life didn’t start like a fairytale, and that was not in her mind as she experienced a car accident just to save a cute baby deer. Nope, not when her last memory before fading out was being bitten by a werewolf, which was a gruesome thing to see.

Waking up to a whole new place, with a whole new self, and a whole new family to live with–not to mention the pack leader that has the shots for her, her life is turned upside down.

Then, as if it’s not enough, throw a few love triangles, love for each other, jealousies, family meetings, discovering a whole new species that’s been living for centuries, finding out that your past is all a lie, and a sprinkle of survival of the fittest from the werewolves, vampires, witches, and humans.

This is the go-to book whenever you need an escape to reality and have an adventure to the world of supernatural. AND still be able to have heating romance, family issues, and discovering one’s self. 🙂

“Are you vegan or just vegetarian? according to the internet there’s a big difference.”

I laughed. “Vegetarian. I have milk and eggs. Free range, obviously.”

Okay, I have to admit something.

I never thought I would be so into this book. I’ve read a ton of fantasy, paranormal genre books (include the Shadowhunters!!) and I thought this would be another lame book. this book has been in my iBooks for almost 5 months! and I just started it this June. If someone told me before I started this book that I would be hung up in it, I would’ve laughed… But now I’m hung up on it. I think Leia Stone needs to published the second book ASAP.

The only problems I had, even if this book got a 5 star rating from me are:

  • How the hell do the characters live with a lot of conflicts in their lives? I mean, If I was turned into a werewolf and have those problems thrown at me everyday, or all at once, I’d be dead by then.:-) no kidding.
  • How slow is slow really, Aurora?! I can feel the heat between you and Kai but damn, Book 1 is done and it didn’t leave anything other than more questions and problems.
  • Why does the protagonist gets to have ALL the powers?!! Isn’t being a werewolf enough for Aurora, Leia??? I think you’re having a favoritism thing going on.
  • Please stop adding more species… I can’t take memorizing another species of supernatural… Witches are already giving me a headache.

I face palmed my forehead. What was I doing? I was so in love. Common sense flew out the window! 

Devon groaned. “I hate witches.”

I jerked my head back so fast that I almost fell over.

“Witches. Wait. You’re telling me that witches are real too?”

Emma smirked. “And vampires.”

I swallowed hard. Okay, breathe. Just breathe. “And faeries?”

Please try this book out! 🙂

And, as always, Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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