Little Words of Little Things..

The Writing Challenge Day 30: Your highs and lows for the monthDay

Last month, May 19th to be exact, I decided to do the 30 Day writing challenge. Where I have to do for 30 consecutive days(which I didn’t because of connection problems and personal problems) nonetheless, today, is the last day to do this challenge. My high for the month would be quite a few…

The day I received my iPad mini

Nothing significant about it really. It’s just one of the little things that I think deserves to be a part of my “high for the month”.

My close friend’s debut

I did mention my friend from Japan who came back here in the Philippines to celebrate her debut with us. (Check: Day 5, Day 13, Day 16) As a friend, It’s been an honor to be there for her special day and that I get to meet up with my high school friends again.

The 4 days that I went to Palawan

Palawan is that long island located at the left of the Philippines. a good place to enjoy the nature, and the marine life. and a ton more.


If we talk more about my trip to Puerto Princesa, Palawan, we’ll take a few days, so my Palawan story will be another time, okay?

That’s about it…

My low for the month is

The week I wasn’t able to post in my blog

Because of connection problems and personal problems, there was a week where I wasn’t able to keep up with the Writing Challenge which is why the whole challenge thing ended late…

I only have that as my low of the month… There might be more, but right now I don’t remember them, which proves to me that it’s not that big and doesn’t deserve a spotlight in this post.

For those who kept up with the whole Writing Challenge, Thank you!

For those new people that discovered me by my posts in the Writing Challenge, and kept up with me since then, Thank you!

For those who stumbled upon my posts and liked my posts, Thank you! (if you ever stumble in this post too, then good because you’ll be able to read my thanks.)

For those who laughed and smiled at the funny posts I made for this challenge, I’m glad that I got to make you laugh, or smile… even for a second. 

For those who learned something from the posts I did, Glad to be of help, and may you use the lessons to improve yourself.



(gosh! feels so good to accomplish something.)

For those who weren’t able tot keep up with the 30 Day Writing Challenge, below are the links to each day. 🙂 (Your welcome.)

Enjoy the little things in life. 😉

Day 1: 10 list that makes me happy

Day 2: Something that someone told me that I never forgot

Day 3: Top 3 Pet peeves

Day 4: Write about someone who inspires me

Day 5: 5 places I want to visit

Day 6: Five ways to win my heart

Day 7: 10 songs that I’m loving right now

Day 8: Share something I struggle with

Day 9: some words of wisdom that speak to me

Day 10: Write about something for which I feel strongly

Day 11: Something I always think” What if…” about

Day 12: five blessings in my life

Day 13: What am I excited about?

Day 14: favorite movies I never get tired of watching

Day 15: bullet-point my whole day

Day 16: something that i miss

Day 17: post about my zodiac sign and whether or not if fits me

Day 18: 30 facts about myself

 Day 19: discuss my first love

 Day 20: post about three celebrity crushes

Day 21: three lessons I want my children to learn from me

Day 22: put my music on shuffle and post the first ten songs

Day 23: a letter to someone, anyone

Day 24: lesson I learned the hard way

Day 25: think of any word. search it on google images. write something inspired by the 11th image

Day 26: an area in life that I’d like to improve

Day 27: conversely write about something that’s kicking ass right now

Day 28: five things that make me laugh-out-loud

Day 29: my goals for the next 30 days


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