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The Writing Challenge Day 29: What are you goals for the next 30 days?

Aww geez… I can’t believe my writing challenge is about to end tomorrow… (not that it means I won’t post things anymore…) But I’ll be posting less and less.

My goals for the next 30 days would be:

To prepare myself for the coming school year

Because my future depends on my grades for this coming school year, and I don’t need to crash everything apart. Also, I really want to succeed in life. In every aspect that I do.

To finish the 2015 reading challenge

Yes. hopefully in just a month, I can cover the remaining 3/4 of the challenge, because once classes starts I’ll have less time for my time-consuming hobby/addiction. Not only that, I challenged myself in Goodreads to read at least 60 books this year, which is starting to get impossible because of my hectic schedule. *sigh*

To grow my hair out again

Because I started missing my long locks. I did not regret cutting my hair to a pixie okay? It was best experience I’ve made with my hair. Bravest thing even to do, but growing it out takes a ton of patience and I seem to lack patience…


To be more involved

Because of me trying to read as much as I can throughout summer, I’ve been pretty much an introvert. I absolutely have no idea how my college friends are doing now, and I barely talk to my high school friends anymore. My Twitter feed has been neglected for quite a while, my Facebook is only active when I’m chatting with my relatives. My Instagram? It’s practically dead. Pinterest? Are you kidding? I still give time to my Pinterest, so it’s up and running. If it wasn’t for my Writing Challenge, my blog would be neglected too.

So this decision is for me to be active in all parts of my life. I’ll be joing organizations so I’ll be an active student in my university. Try to wake up early and be a good daughter by cleaning some room in the house. Be a good sister by supporting my sister as she handles the life of academics and a major position in an organization. Be the bestest friend by catching up with all of my friends (or some of them, I have a lot.)

Try to be a good user in Wattpad

My email has been getting mails from Wattpad about people asking me to continue the story I posted there. Too bad, I lost inspiration, and that I have less time in me right now. But because of my guilty side, I decided to give myself a specific day and time to open my Wattpad and write at least a chapter so the readers will be satisfied. And post some stories that I made over the past year. (for back-up purposes only.)

To stop biting my nails

I’m an avid nail biter. For some people they think it’s gross or whatever, but habits are habits. Someone out there has a worse habit than mine.

Nail biting is actually my kind of stress-reliever. I only bite my nails to bits whenever I’m super nervous. Other times, when I’m bored, I unconsciously bite my nail. So my goal is to grow my nails so long, I can use it for self-defense… or use it when someone deserves a scratch on the face.

To continue sharing stories and words of wisdom to my blog

And also continue giving good reviews of the books I’ve read.

And lastly…

To continue improving myself to be the best version that I was yesterday

And never forget who I really am, where I come from, where I want to be, what I really am and how I want to live my life along the way.

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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