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Void by Cassy Roop

Date Published: March 2, 2015

Date I read the book: June 19,2015- June 20,2015


Nicola Forbes.

Hasn’t done anything at all. which made her different. the girl who never cried when she was little, which her parents thought is a good thing, became the eye-opener that something was wrong with her.

Now, Nicola has lived her life with her condition. The inability to feel, to which she is fine with, because with her condition in the way, she can do her job without conscience in the side way, and can live each day without starving herself to death.

And at the same time, she’s also been finding ways to cure herself. but what if the time came and the breakthrough she needs comes, is she ready to face the real world her condition concealed her from? or will she do whatever it takes to go back to not feeling anything at all for the rest of her lives?

I don’t have the ability to identify or describe most of everyday feelings that people experience. It is a condition I was born with. Gifted by the grace of God to live almost emotionless in this world of fucked up shit.

“Do you understand what I just told you?”

“Yes, Sir. My parents were killed in a plane crash.”

“And how does that make you feel?”

“How is it supposed to make me feel?”

Erotica and romance aside, I read this because the student in me was curious with Nicola’s condition. so blame the pre-med student in me.

the story is unique, intriguing, shocking, and eye-opening.

yep, exact words to describe the book. The story gives us an insight to what a person with Nicola’s condition feel like, An insight to the progress of her condition, and the thoughts she has once she started feeling. the conflicts on the story are also realistic and is possible to happen in real life, which make the imagination easy for us.

Not only Nicola, but the other story-teller in this book also has its own demons.

Meet Andris Gunn. A character that has personal problems I freakishly don’t understand, if only he’s real I would find him and choke him to death with my bare hands.

But if we set aside his problems, He’s pretty much okay. His short POVs not only give us an insight to him, but also adds pieces to Nicola’s life which makes figuring things out easy for us. Plus, his POVs also make the story go forward, to what I’m thankful for.

“You have had your heart broken, no?” She asked.

“how do you know that, Letta?” I asked as I began to work the dough even harder.

“Because I see it in your eyes every time the cafe bell ring and don’t come. And in the way you working that dough hard at the mention of it.”

If I thought trying to understand emotions was hard, trying to turn them back off was even harder. How people lived through heartache everyday was beyond me. It felt as if a piece of me was lost. I wanted to feel numb.

That’s it.

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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