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The Writing Challenge Day 27: Conversely write about something that’s kicking ass right now.

I actually don’t know what’s “kicking ass” right now, so I chose a topic that has been up on the television for quite a while now.

The Philippine Territory.

Okay, I’m probably just a speck to have a say in my country’s territory and I don’t have any right or whatsoever to stake claim at the world’s land or some sh*t, but can the countries be more mature than they are and be reasonable about taking lands that no one owns yet?

I get that the Spratly Islands has been up for a while now and how a countries around it are staking claim, and that that there’s a ton of natural resources in there which is why the said countries are fighting for it, but we don’t need to get all territorial about it and start a war or something.

Before, I didn’t really gave a mind about this problem, besides I’m just a college student, I should problem my problems first before trying to problem my country’s problem right? Until on my Military training service graduation…

After spending two semester taking ROTC, when we graduated our Commandant told us things like, “We’ll be helping the country”, “In case of war, and we’re out of soldiers, we’ll be the ones to protect our country.”

I mean, maybe there’s an exaggeration to those sentences, but hell, it never really occurred to me that when things end up in war, my country might be in ashes by the time we’re finished. I wish countries should be contented with whatever they have. It’s also our fault we’re running out of resources…

I can only hope for a proper, equal and silent negotiation of all countries so we don’t end up losing lives in the process of gaining another chunk of land.


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