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The Writing Challenge Day 26: Write about an area in your life that you’d like to improve

I’m a happy person. I mostly look at the brighter side of my life.

All my problems? It’s okay, there’s a reason for why the problems are heading my way.

People leaving? It hurts, but there must be someone coming that will be worthy of the position.

Embarrassing moments? Gee, I’ll look back at those things in the future and laugh at myself for being a funny person.

I’m that person.

But if there’s something I want to improve… It would be my academic life.

My family tells me that I’m a clever person… If I want to be. Well, that’s the sad thing right? If the subject’s not my thing and I want nothing to be part of, I will have a hard time passing the subject.

I know that I can be a geek if I want to be… hell, It happened to me once because I wanted to impress my crush in freshman year. Studied hard and became the Top student in my class. But I get distracted a lot, and I can’t really force myself to study thoroughly something I don’t like and something that I think I can’t use in my life.

Yes. That’s what I want to improve, because society today doesn’t look at the person’s ability anymore, instead they look at the grades you got from studying. They look at the schools where you graduated—if it was well known for its amazing teaching, or for its crappy teaching. They look at the person if they are “well-educated” and “have a brain”… When did the society look at the material side like a piece of paper that says they graduated?

Now, people who isn’t interested in studying but interested in learning, should make adjustments just so they could get a future where they’re not deep in debts and poverty and etc.


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