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Pure Lust by Jayne Kingston

Published: October  3, 2014

Date I read the book: June 17,2015

It took me 8 hours to finish this book, which is fine because it’s only 164 pages (ebook). But the story was delivered nonetheless, which is surprising. How come some authors can publish a book with only a hundred pages and can deliver a nice romance? 

Anyways, This book is actually  part of a series, but I’m a rebel because I haven’t read the first 3 books… *insert evil laugh*

It’s not everyday a guy gets a second chance with his first crush.


Meet Diego and Claire.

Once upon a time, Diego and Claire were classmates in grade school.

Then now, A few years later, Diego goes back to his hometown after being around the world because of his job, He met Claire once again.

If you saw your first crush after not seeing her for years, and she looks way hotter than she is when you were kids what would you do?

Too bad, Claire seems to be not interested.

or is she?

words that were dropped when they were little now stands in their way, and either they become complete adults about what they feel for each other, or maintain the platonic relationship they have–that they didn’t really have in the first place.

Her scientist’s mind knew it was completely irrational to feel so much for someone so fast based on what was basically two days of amazing sex, but her heart suddenly didn’t seem to give a flying fuck about what did or did not make sense.

So the Point of View (POV) of the story changes from Diego to Claire, which I like because it gives the readers an insight to what they feel about what’s happening between them. (now, we don’t have to guess if the feelings mutual or not right?)

The topic of meeting-your-crush-again-after-years-of-not-seeing-each-other is so darn sweet too. It gives people hope that maybe the one that got away will be back to sweep you of your feet again.

The cliche where the guy is a ladies man, is both exhausting and good for me. exhausting because I’ve read a ton of books already where the man has an overactive libido and doesn’t want to settle with one. (can’t it be the women this time? to spice things up a bit? or better yet, don’t make anyone a whore.) and Good because it adds conflict to they story making the ending a bit blurry, whether they end up together or not.

Honestly?  there isn’t something special about this book… You want romance? there’s a ton in the romance genre. Erotica? Fifty shades is way better. Conflicts? The congress has a ton of it… I guess the only thing that made me finish this book is the part of childhood crush meets again.

Because no one would have thought that you and your first crush could get together again, after you annoyingly insulted her, before move miles away.

If he hadn’t been sure what the racing of his pulse meant before, the last bit of doubt in his mind was wiped out in that moment. For as careful as he’d been throughout his entire adult life, he was lost the moment her eyes met his. 

Undone. Finished. Defeated. Royally fucked and completely in love.

He looked back, afraid for a moment to answer. Because answering would be admitting it. And admitting it would make it real.

So that’s it. You guys should give it a try and either criticize it or worship it. 🙂

Enjoy the little things in life. 😉


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