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The Writing Challenge Day 24: Write about a lesson you learned the hard way.

Hey… So I’m basically known as a good girl, but my family knows that I’ve done a ton of mistakes so, I have quite a few of those lessons learned the hard way…

But this one is the one where I learned a lot of lessons and I think still affects me everytime I think of it.

I was in my 3rd grade. And i’m studying in a public school. At that time, We were a little bit poor… Sure, we can have a breakfast and a dinner, and still have electricity in our house. but not the kind that we have now… Branded clothes, studying at known schools, having the money to eat at a restaurant, that kind of things.

Because we go to a public school, class hours are only about 5 hours so it was only half a day. My mom still makes me bring “lunch” but i eat it at around 9 in the morning. It was great at first, I’m being a good daughter and eat and try to finish the food my mom prepared at 5 in the morning.

Until, one day, temptation came. Our school has this cafeteria and it sells chips, candies, sweets, anything a kid wants… but at that time, my mom  doesn’t give me money as allowance. She just packs me food for when i’m hungry.

So when an idea came to mind… I did it.

My classmates wanted my lunch that day, and I wanted to eat chips for our break, then one of my classmates joked around about me selling my packed lunch to him and he’d pay me. Well, i don’t remember much of anything about it except for the fact that i did sell my lunch to him, for 5 pesos. (In the philippines, Peso is our currency so i guess you should convert it to your currency if you want to know the amount… But the price is super cheap.) 

Well, on the bright side I get to buy chips for my lunch break, and that i did enjoy it. My classmate also enjoyed my mom’s cooking… So it was a good negotiation… I did this selling-my-lunch thing for a few more times until sh*t hit the fan… (I’m sorry for cussing.)

My sister found out about me selling my lunch from a classmate of mine who probably hates me for god knows why… My sister confronted me and told me to tell our Mom about what I’m doing that night or she’ll tell Mom herself. Yep… I was stubborn at that time… And I didn’t tell my Mom.

Unfortunately, my sister npknows me well, because she did tell our Mom that night about what i was doing with my packed lunch. 

It was night, and we just finished our dinner. I was upstairs in our room while my sister, my mom, and a helper was downstairs. I can’t remember what I was doing in our room but i do remember when my mom called me.

My Mom was so mad that night. We were sitting in the dining table and she was shouting at me, telling me how she sacrifices a few hourse of sleep just to wake up and prepare our food and all i did was sell them. She also scolded me for lying whenever she tells me how good I am when i get home with nothing left in my lunch. There’s a lot more of shouting and scolding until she asked me how much i sell my lunch… Well, i think i’m an idiot but i told her how much… That amount of money doesn’t even cover the rice… She was so livid, she snatched the bread knife on the table and point it at my face, telling me what kind of daughter am i, that she’s so mad at me she could kill me at that table… So on, so forth. 

In the end, i got grounded. Going straight home after school. Didn’t have money as allowance, and only got my packed lunhch for food. I should get home with my lunch empty, and it should be me who ate it or else my mom will go to our school and talk to my classmates. 

Now, i looked at that as the time where i took our food for granted and didn’t even thought of what my mom did just to bring food for us. It also taught me that i’m a good businesswoman… Except in the finance department. 

Just remember, everything you have right now, don’t take it for granted. 

And enjoy the little things in life. šŸ™‚


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