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The Writing Challenge Day 23: a letter to someone, anyone.

okay, internet went down yesterday, and i blame the telephone company for it.

Dear you, 

Wherever you are right now, i just want you to know that I’m glad that you stumble upon my blog. Whether you’ve been keeping tabs on me for a long while now, or just discovered me 5 minutes ago, i don’t care. I’m still grateful.

Well, right now, you must be wondering why I’m writing this to someone I don’t know… Yeah, well, that’s what I’m thinking too. You see, it’s part of the 30 day writing challenge I made myself do for this summer and I can’t think of someone to write to, I thought of writing to my future self, but in the next few years, I’m sure this’ll be covered with posts by the time I reached my future self. So I decided to write a letter to you. 

I don’t know how your day has been or if you had fun or this day is the worst day of your life, but nonetheless, always remember that you are not the only one. If you’re feeling top-of-the-world happy, you’re not the only one… If you feel like everyone is pushing you down, and you want to give up, you’re not the only one. If you feel like today went like any other days went–boring, usual, no excitement– don’t worry, you’re not the only one. 

There are approximately 7 billion people in this planet, so you can’t be the only one drowning your sorrows with Jack Daniels. 

There will always be someone who will be there for you, and/or will listen to you. (Check out, I volunteer there as a listener…) there will always be ups and downs, and end of the world feeling, and never-wanting-this-day-to-stop days, so better hold on to your life and just think about the little things you earned, received, gave, got. 🙂 

You, will be a  great person, (if you’re not great yet, though, I don’t think so.) whatever it is you’re doing now, may it be a waitress in a 24/7 diner, or a businessman/woman, or an ex-con, or a criminal that’s starting to change it’s ways, or hell, even a CEO or president of a country… You are a great person. 

We commit bad things, but whether we regret it or not, those bad things? They don’t exactly make up the person, just bits of it. There will always be a part of us that is great. And that’s what I want you to cherish the most. Because that’s the real you. 

Enjoy the little things in life will ya? 🙂


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