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Gone Too Far by Natalie D. Richards

Okay, I’ve been really spending my summer being afraid of the sun, and read and read and read and… yeah, you get the point right? 

Anyways… I finished another book again! yey!

I have a confession to make… I never realized that this book and Six Months Later has the same author until I reached the ending of this book and saw a two chapter sneak peek of Six Months Later in it… which explains the same hair-rising, suspense, story flow of this book.

I was wrong. So wrong. This changes everything.

Date Published: January 6, 2015

Date I read the book: June 8,2015- June 11,2015

I hit Send as the player in front of the net dribbles the ball.

The whole gymnasium seems to hold its breath as he shoots.

The ball whooshes through the net and the crowd explodes. Just like my world.


Piper Woods, is Clairville High’s school photographer, assigned to take pictures for the yearbook. She isn’t one of the Populars, or the cheerleaders, or isn’t a girlfriend to a jock, or even in the Top students. She’s normal. And by normal, that would mean, She doesn’t fly with any of those people i just wrote above.

But then something tragic happened to one of the students in Claireville, and she’s one of the people who last saw Stella before she committed suicide.

When you’re drowning yourself in guilt, because you knew you could’ve done something other than walk away, and an opportunity to right the mistakes you made, would you take it? of course…

Piper thought she’s doing a very good thing, until things start going wrong… and there’s nothing she can do but to hold on for the ride, unless, she finds out who is holding the wheel and take over before she crashes.

See no evil. Except I’m starting to see evil everywhere. Even where it might not exist.

I don’t really have any complains… which is a good thing. The story flow is in constant ups and downs. Every chapter has its own romance, mystery, suspense, family, friendship, and etc.

The book, is a little bit similar to Six Months Later in the suspense and mystery department, but in other aspects, it was new for me.

The characters are perfect. The cliche of high school and its social ladder is still there– which makes this story roll– oh! and anyone can be the mystery person… which makes the choosing hard for you, and also for the protagonist…

This is a go to book if you need something to keep you up at night because of all the mysteries you just have to solve and sleeping on it, just won’t help… 🙂

How’s that for irony? A girl dies, and we cut flowers off from their roots so that they will die too.

“Want to go for a run?”

My brows arch so high I think they brush my hairline. “Not unless there’s an ax murderer standing behind me.”

Because almost every bookworm don’t run… we read… 😉

I squeeze them both as the flash fires, freezing us this one last time as the family we already aren’t.

So yep.That’s it!!! Please please please!! read this book!


Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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