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The Writing Challenge Day 20: post about three celebrity crushes

We all have a celebrity crush right?! So obviously, I have mine… And my Top 3 celebrity crushes are:

1. Callan McAuliffe

He’s known for  being the little Gatsby in The Great Gatsby, for being Sam Goode in I am Number Four– Movie adaptation, And mostly for being Bryce Loski in Flipped.

I admit, having a crush on him in Flipped first, then at that time, I was addicted to the I am Number Four series, and when I found out that he’s part of the cast, my crush on him stayed… Until now, I’m not swooning over him or going to fan clubs or something, I just keep myself updated to the movies he’s part of and give my support by watching it, tweeting about it (if it’s good or not), and telling everyone to watch it too… 🙂

2. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho.... Makes women leave their husbands and fly to Korea.

Okay, He’s not from Hollywood, and he’s korean…But I like him, my crush on him goes like, I’d never sleep until i finish this TV series. about 3 hours of it…

I first knew about him in his Boys over Flowers TV series that was aired here in the Philippines, I was just a little girl back then and I was conforming to everyone, so i had a tiny bit of a crush on him. Then after a years, another korean novela was aired here, City Hunter, and that’s where I got hooked up. 🙂 after that, I kept myself updated with his shows.

3. Adam Levine

Adam Levine (his tattoos make him a million times hotter...)

I like him solely for his beautiful voice. 🙂 there was a time, I downloaded ALL of his songs, and had to delete a few songs just to give space for his songs… Yep… Now, I just keep track of the songs I like most.

I also watched the movies he’s in like Begin Again.

Who’s your Top three celebrity crushes?

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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