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The Writing Challenge Day 18: post 30 facts about yourself

30 facts about myself is a bit too much… Because I’m still forming myself to be the best me. ๐Ÿ™‚ but at the moment, the following are facts about me. (It might not reach 30)

1. She hates it when there’s no internet when she desperately needs it. 

2. She doesn’t want to be behind a slow walker. 

3. Her favorite color is pink and lavender. But she barely uses things or clothes with that color.

4. Her means of escape is reading fictional books and listening to music.

5. She’s a nail biter. But she can control it, as long as there’s nail polish… And the color is pretty.

6. She was born bald. So people mistake her as a boy when she was a baby.

7. When she was a kid, her hair was plain straight… Which was weird because her parents are both curly haired, and her cousins teased her before that she was adopted. When her hair grew and reached her chest, it started to curl. Her hair( when long, because at the moment it’s pixie short.) is like a beach wave curl.

8. She hates having colds. She can’t sleep and her pronunciations all wrong when she has colds.

9. She’s afraid of cockroaches… The flying ones.

10. She goes on stalker mode (complete with hacking) when she likes someone.

11. She’s a grammar nazi. 

12. She’s a dancer. More on hip hop.

13. She’s vertically challenged. Her height is 4’11”

14. She can read a 400-paged book in 24 hours. 

15. She experienced all hair lengths. Pixie cut, medium length, long haired.

16. She hates math.

17. She’s can ace an exam if she studies the lesson the day before or the itself of the exam… Crammer…

18. She doesn’t like public display of affection with her special someone. So you’ll know that someone isn’t her boyfriend when she can cuddle with them in public.

19. She has a hard time saying no to people she cares.

20. She still watches cartoons.

21. She’s an introvert and an extrovert

22. She can’t sleep in a vehicle. Any form of transportation. She doesn’t even know why, but the urge to sleep or feel sleepy goes away when she’s in a vehicle.

23. She’s a good listener. 

24. She wants to be a fashion designer. But…

25. She doesn’t know how to draw.

26. She hates volleyball.

27. Her sport is badminton.

28. Her mom and aunt was a basketball player in their school.

29. She can memorize a place faster. So no getting lost in the woods.

30. She can do tongue tricks.

Wow! It reached 30… Okay… 

So, you guys might know me better than my closest friends by now huh? 

Enjoy the little things in life. ๐Ÿ™‚


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