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The Writing Challenge Day 16: something that I miss

Okay, today, as I mentioned in yesterday’s post, is my friend’s 18th birthday. Here, we call it as debut but I don’t know if it’s a regular 18th birthday to other countries or not.

And as I look in my itinerary for today, I felt something. 

And I suddenly miss being a child. 

That one point in your childhood where everything is sunny and happy and you get to do anything you want, no school, assignments, responsibilities, chores, and problems. Where the only problem in your day would be, it’s not windy enough to to make your dress fly up. Or you can’t twirl fast enough to make your dress do that twirling of itself thing. Or not having the latest race car is like the end of the world for you.

I miss that. There are days when I wish that I was old enough to get away from my mom and live on my own. Or graduate from college, so I don’t have to answer another exam and just be working.

But some days, like today, I wish I’m just a little girl. I don’t want to be a 17 year old that has to get up every day to do the things she doesn’t want to do.  To face the problems I ignored yesterday, to do the responsibilities that are given to me. To be expected to be mature enough and not be a child. 

I know I’m not the only one who feels melancholic sometimes and wished they were just kids again. 

But whenever I see children wearing older people’s clothes and imitating what old people do, I just want to shake them so much and explain to their 5 year old brain that growing up is a little sad, and boring, and exhausting and you don’t want to want it when you get there, so be a child while you still can.

Why is it that when we’re young, we dreamed to be old enough, but when we’re old, we dreamed of being young again? 

Maybe some children wanted to stay as a child for all their lives, and some people wanted to stay old, but how about the other’s who wished the opposite?

Anyways, since I’m thinking of this, is movie came to mind… “into the Woods” the movie one, with Meryl Streep, not the musical, because I haven’t watched that yet. The part where Meryl sang a song to Rapunzel about not growing up and to stay a child…. Yep, that song is exactly what I want to express right now, if I can just sing here I would… No, I won’t. 

So for everyone out there, don’t be so eager to grow up, or be desperate and stay as young as you can, live in the moment. A little wrinkle won’t kill you, and staying young won’t kill you either. 

Carpe Diem. 🙂

Enjoy the little things in life! 😉


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