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The Writing Challenge Day 14: Post your favorite movies that you ever get tired of watching


second, It’s a personal reason so, I won’t tell it guys.

Third, I am posting this now, June 3. 

Fourth, the writing challenge is still on.

Okay… I don’t really have favorites, that I so freaking love them, I watch them about gazillion times a year. If it’s books, I would’ve posted a ton… But since it’s movies then no.

But, I do have ones that stick to me even if it’s been a few years since I last watched it. Our minds can store a movie in it and you get to fast forward, rewind pause and play it by yourself. Isn’t that great?!! 

1. Finding Nemo


Okay, I love this movie. Yeah, I’m a Disney baby too, isn’t everyone? Anyways, this movie has a lot of lessons and humor and sad moments, idiocies, and finding each other, across the seven seas… 🙂 

If ever this movie is showing in Disney or in HBO, I’m willing to watch it… But if not, it’s fine. 

And, there’ll be Finding Dory soon!

2. San Andreas

  Okay, this isn’t an old movie… But, it’s now on my fave mvovie list. I swear guys, if you haven’t watch this yet, YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT. 

it’s action-packed, with a hint of romance, coming together, unity, and it’s a plus so you know what to do whenever an earthquake comes. (Hopefully, you won’t need it.)

3. Gone Girl

  Okay, this one made me so mad and frustrated, and at the same time, love the heck of it…. And that’s how you find a great movie. 

The movie is as good as the book 😀 and damn, I can’t explain it, but if you haven’t watched it yet, then prepare yourself to plots twists first. 

Oh!! I’ve watched this about 5 times… Just so I can connect the dots on clues around the movie. So this movie passed the requirement. 

4. Easy A

  And this movie, is my go to whenever I need a good laugh. Seriously?! That’s Emma stone’p! She can make you laugh. Or smile. 

This movie, shows how rumors affect people. So be careful what goes out of your mouth.

5. Avengers 

  Okay. The last one. I think this movie has the best actors in it. 

I don’t need to explain this to you guys. Everyone loves the Avengers. 
Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂 


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