Little Words of Little Things..

The Writing Challenge Day 13: What are you excited about?

June 1st!!!

So later today, I’ll be meeting my High School friends so we can catch up. And this is what I’m excited about. 🙂

It’s been a long time since I saw them (not that long, but feels so long to me), and I missed them so much.

I’ll also be seeing my friend that went to Japan, the one I mentioned in one of my posts, because she’ll be having her birthday on June 4th.

My plan is to take her to an Ice skating place, and have fun with them, learning how to skate. (she doesn’t know how to skate, and wanted to learn so when she gets back to Japan she knows how to skate).

They’ve been my friends since we were in 7th grade and they pretty much saw every bit part of me. They know that i’m sometimes an introvert and sometimes an extrovert, how much I love reading, I’m an avid nail biter, my hobby is dancing, I can do 360 degree circle whenever I’m sleeping in a big-ass bed. They’re great listeners and made me smile and laughter whenever I’m feeling down. What else? 

They’re pretty much the best of friends in my High school, If only we have the same dreams, we would’ve been in the same university, having the same course, and living in one place… But no, we wanted to explore the world in our own different ways.

Nonetheless, I’ll be having a great day today because I’ll be with my friends who accept me for myself.

Enjoy the little things in life! 🙂


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