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Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers

I want to warn you all first that this will be the most crappy book review I’ll ever make (unless there’s another book that will give me the same or much more of the feeling I am feeling at the moment.)

This is the first time that I gave a 1 star rating to all the books I read before. And it won’t be the last time because I’m bound to misjudge myself and decide to read a crappy book again.

Okay… This book isn’t all crap, I guess, there are times that I understand Parker and knows what she feels like, and may have been in the same place where she is. There are times that the book gave me smiles here and there and made me fall in love in the guys and the chemistry around the characters but THAT’S ABOUT IT.

Date published: December 23, 2008

Date I read the book: May 29, 2015- May 30, 2015

” You think a feeling like that just goes away?”


Parker Fadley is more or less the Queen Bee of St. Peter’s High since forever, Perfectionist, Straight A+++ student, Cheerleading Captain, Girlfriend of the most famous jock in school, Winter Ball Queen for three consecutive years, perfect daughter, what else?! she has everything!!!

Until the day she decides to “loosen the fuck up”.

Also the day everything changes for her and nothing can ever change it back and the reality of how everything is really out of her hands slaps her in the face.

The fall takes no time and forever.

Yep, that’s the only synopsis I could give you or i’ll spoil everything… and I don’t want that, This review, no matter how much I talk crap about this book or tell you guys how much this is going to be a disappointed, should not stop you from at least trying to read the damn book. If you believe my bookworm self and we have the same tastes in books, fine don’t read it, but for the sake of curiosity, try reading it… You might like it.

I’m going to bullet form the Pros and Cons from reading this since my reaction to this book is so bad, I might offend the people who loved the book (because there’s a lot based on Goodreads’ review and rating.) and Courtney Summers…


  • People who is feeling suicidal can pretty much relate to Parker… In a way…
  • You will understand what a person with a lot of responsibilities feels like when everything is starting to weigh down on them,
  • Another Young Adult book that will show how High school works.
  • There is chemistry between Parker and Chris, and Parker and Jake. Which I both love and fucking hate.
  • You will really see how Guidance counselors and Principals work… and how much they suck at their work sometimes.
  • this one is the best reason of all. The way the story goes from present and then flashback… a great idea, not the first book I read that did this but it was a very good idea…


  • How hung up Parker is about the past… I mean, I totally get what really happened and I know that it must be hard for her to experience that but being so hung up about it you would change your whole life?! I think that’s a bit exaggerating.
  • How annoying the characters are. Maybe it’s meant to be like that, to make Parker more frustrated or something between those lines, but gosh… Even I’m frustrated and I’m just reading this… Can’t just everyone get a life?!!! Especially you Chris!!
  • second most reason of all. The flashbacks… DO I REALLY HAVE TO READ IT A FEW F****** TIMES BEFORE YOU TELL ME? I swear I almost memorized her past by reading it a bunch of times.
  • TOP 1 REASON OF ALL. The way the story goes from present to past. I may have stated that it’s a great idea… IT IS. But it wasn’t executed properly for me to understand. It’s so fast-paced that I can’t catch up with it, and It’s a going around in circles, I started thinking in the middle why do I keep reading this when I’ve read in the last chapter.

I just really want to understand why it’s such a big deal for Parker… All she did was have a wasted night, and when something bad happened, she blamed herself and go all depressed and ruin-my-life.

It’s a depressing book to read, and a frustrating one so have some patience for this. But it also gave us a sight on how a person goes through something like this.

“I’ve always wanted I dog.”

“Well, a puppy actually.” I say.

“I’ve always wanted a puppy.” Dad amends. “They turn into dogs.”

“I want to apologize if you’re offended by the way I am,” I tell him. “But that’s the way I am with everyone. I was just trying to make you feel welcome.”

“That’s the crappiest apology I’ve ever heard.”

“Well, That’s because I’m not really sorry.”

So now someone is a hater of this book: me. And I am not encouraging bookworms to also hate the book… I wanted you guys to read it for yourselves and prove me wrong or right.

The best thing about this book? It brought out feelings for me, whether good or bad. It did it’s job.

I’ll always remember this book as the first book that I rated a 1 star, The one that made me read it in a day, and made me want to smack myself for ever thinking that this was going to be a great book.

The best disappointment I ever had.

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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