The Writing Challenge Day 10: Write about something for which you feel strongly.

I made it to Day 10!!! wow… I was about to give up, but yep… still standing people! or typing… still typing… 🙂

Lately, my Pinterest is full of rape culture, equality, and feminists. Although I don’t go rallying in the streets, and I don’t curse at every man or whatnots you think feminists do, but I somehow felt what those people were fighting for from the things they posted.

Because of seeing those posts for the past few days, I developed a strong feeling for this.

Let’s get real for a moment… Why are we forming people into doing something they don’t want to do?

Why do we conform to what the society wants?

Who made up these right and wrongs, dos and don’ts?

Why do we change ourselves just for the sake of other people? We barely know them.

Okay, I may be harsh and not thinking of others and thinking of myself as I write those things up there, but if you were in this place, reading those things, won’t ask the same questions?

People need to understand this

People on the internet can say the most relevant and logical questions that’ll make you crack your mind just thinking about the answer.

I’m so mad at the people who blame the victims and not the rapists. I mean, give the victim a break! no one asks for being raped!!! Idiot!!!

it's funny that women know exactly what i'm doing when i pull my keys out first... and most men have no idea.

rape culture

It's true, however unpleasant...

Another thing. INEQUALITY.

seriously?! do I need to discuss how wrong this is?!!!

any kind of inequality, by race, class, gender, even height! this world is starting to get so messed up.

this just in: 6 year old has more common sense than many adults

When Little Kids Gives Adults a Lesson In Humanity…

Yeah! What she says!

When did children start to get smarter than adults?!

from now on I am not listening to another racist word adults say to me.



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