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The Writing Challenge Day 8: Share something you struggle with

Hmm, So after a day of break from writing this is the next challenge?! Kind of personal and hard to write…

Okay. I’m struggling with… Finances. Money.

As a college student, and living in a house with 6 people, and the expenses we have everyday, for me, money is a big picture in my life. I don’t want to be someone who just thinks about money, having money–lots of ’em– and can’t live without money. But, it seems to me that money is one of the essential things in life now… How can you get the essentials? Like home, clothes and food when you don’t even have money???

I honestly don’t know why I’m sharing my financial problems when all of us (well, maybe not the uber-rich) have our own financial problems… May it be your bank accounts, rent, school debts, hospital debts, or just the simple “I-don’t-have-enough-money-to-buy-dinner”, we have financial problems.

Maybe I chose this because I wanted to let everyone know that they’re not the only one. 

And I wanted to let everyone know how f*cked up our world is that even a 17 year old is having problems that old people should have. Hell, I’m sure there’s a 6 year-old kid out there having the same money problems as all of us… How could that happen?! 

Why is it that a lot of people are short in money? When every year our bank makes a lot of money… I still can’t understand how the lower ones don’t get money, but those in the upper class have money showering down on them. 

And we in the middle class is expected to help the lower class… We on,y have enough for ourselves, but no… We still help them. While those up there didn’t even give us the second glance. 

This is another thing I’m struggling with. The inequality of the world. It’s all around me, like a burrito or something… (It’s probably something… I’m just hungry at the moment.) 

If I start discussing the inequality of the world, I’ll just end up raising more problems and things I’m struggling with. All I know is that it’s all because of money. Money give us labels and statuses and power and fame, abilities and disabilities to those no don’t have. Opportunities to those who have. 

What would happen if all the money in the world suddenly disappears? And a form of payment would be by the times you helped, cared, and saved lives of those around you… Would you be “filthy rich” or poorer than a rat? 

Enjoy the little things in life… Not the pennies. But the things money can’t buy… Is there is.


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