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The Writing Challenge Day 6: Five ways to win my heart.

Day 6… will be the hardest one.

I have a confession to make… I kind of, made this one earlier. so it’s not impromptu writing, because I don’t really know yet how to win my heart… I mean, I’m just 17. And having a serious relationship is way out of my mind right now. I’m more concerned of academics, and families, and friends and my future at the moment, and not some sappy relationships with someone special.

Hmmm, so since I started this writing challenge, I wrote down the things that made me like guys and what I think would capture my attention and would slowly capture my heart…


I hate it when people (specifically, men… but yeah even if you’re not a man, I still hate it.) make me feel like i’m a girl. Do things for me when I can do them myself and try to make me feel inferior. I want to be treated like I can be fine without him or can protect him, even if I’m a woman. I wanted him to know that I’m not just an arm candy or something for him but like a crutches for a limp person, He can live, but he’ll a hard time without me…

Why a woman if you ask??

treating me like a girl, would be what fathers do to their little daughters… conceal them to the real world and make them feel like a damsel-in-distress…  and I don’t need someone like that. I can battle my problems face-on with or without a guy with me. and I swear, if I do have one, he won’t be battling it for me or with me… he’ll be like a witness to as I conquer my own battles.

why not a lady? ’cause it would like, yes you’re giving me the space I need, giving me a chance to face my own problems myself, but at the same you’re making me like i’m fragile and would fall into pieces if something bad happens to me. I may be fragile at times… but b*tch please, I’m a woman, blood is gushing out of my down-under once a month, I’m probably hormonal at least once a week, I have to stick it up with a bunch of other girls who are hormonal too and have to b*tch face on and I have to protect myself 24/7 because rape culture is kind of around me… and i’m still breathing. So yeah, I can handle that…


Okay, this might be the most childish and immature way I would write down here… But true.. I do like hugs, and getting one of the blue, for no reason at all is like the best of them.

the feeling being wrapped up the arms of someone, concealing you of the outside for about 30 seconds or so is like the feeling you get from sliding under the covers of your oh so fluffy and soft bed after a strenuous day at work. yeah… except hugging has like it’s own heat… I can’t really explain how hugging can win my heart, maybe the safety i feel whenever I get one, or the short break from reality too… Or just the hug itself makes me feel somethings innate… Gah… I’m blabbering. NEXT!


who doesn’t?

I mean, everyone wants someone who can be honest with them… I have friends around me that has a relationship without trust between them and unfortunately, ended up far too quickly. I’m not the type of jealous that would confine you just to keep you to myself… I’m more of a reasonable kind of jealous. I usually let guys hang out with anybody even though some of those “anybody” have a thing for my guy… ’cause I have faith in him to “keep it in his pants” and if he can’t he’ll have to distance himself before I distance myself to him.

I’m more of an “an-eye-for-an-eye” kind of girl… cheat on me, I break up with you. You don’t accept it? I cheat on you. Be loyal to me, and i’ll give you 100% loyalty too. Be cold and distant to me, I might make some moves to warm you up, but I don’t do repeats.

And I usually ask questions I know the answer to. SO.DON’T.LIE.TO.ME.


Yup. I fall i little too hard to those who can make me laugh.

It’s not that hard to make me laugh… I can pretty much hold my laugh for about a minute or two, but that’s about it. Even if I don’t laugh at someone’s joke, my eyes give it away, so technically i’m laughing…

I don’t know I guess, I’m in my care-free state and truest self when I’m laughing… unless it’s sarcastic, so no.

I also can’t explain this… So, it is what it is… Someone who can make me laugh… like ROFL-ing and can’t-see-anything-because-i’m-laughing-so-much.


Last one!

Okay, this one might be the hardest one… For me… or for that someone, since I won’t be undergoing this.

It’s a total turn-off for me when someone likes me just because of one thing. physical or not… Or may like all of me except for one thing… I mean, i’m not perfect. Don’t expect me to be so perfect.

It warms my heart when someone accepts me even if i’m moody at times, or sometimes an OCD, or whenever i’m my childish self… It proves how much that person accepts me, the all of me…

So yup… That’s it, Day 6… These ways, they might change in the future, when I’m more experienced and mature that I am right now. Besides, this is not my main focus at the moment… 🙂

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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