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The Writing Challenge Day 5: List 5 places you want to visit

day 5… wow… 

Okay, hello! 🙂

for today’s challenge, I obviously have to list 5 places. I guess i’ll rank it, 5th as the lowest and 1st as the highest. 🙂 GAME.


“Sunrise over the Tower Bridge by Yunli Song ” Oxford, England Big Ben ~ is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock at the north end of the Palace of Westminister in London, England London Eye. Our tips for things to do in London:

I mean, almost everyone of us wants to go to London right? some, for 1 Direction, or for Harry Potter, or for the quirky accent of theirs, but I just want to go to London for the amazing places.of course, some of them wants to go because of the places too. But, I just really want to go there because of the places, period.

The thought of going to London, makes me think of going back in time. Many places in London were preserved as if the building wasn’t standing for about 3 centuries or something. London, is a little bit like the Philippines, because of preserving the places after all the years. If I ever get to London *cross fingers*, the first I would probably do is to ride that red bus they have and go to the places I want to go… oh, I would also go to those payphones… 🙂 the payphones here in the Philippines don’t have their own “house”, they’re cemented to the walls…

4th: JAPAN

Cherry Blossom River, Kyoto, Japan Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Kyoto, Japan part of the TOP 10 Book-Story Magical Places on Earth - Japan has many places that we have found in our thoughts while reading some book. This enchanting image is one of my favorite photos of Japan, hope u like it 2! - Dragan Tokyo you are adorable! Can't wait to go back!!!  Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan

I’m not going to Japan because of its very very cute hello kitty’s… or their super advanced technologies.

I’m going because I’m a tinny-tiny bit of Japanese. That’s all I know about the Japanese relations, which explains my eyes… though I wish I inherited the fair-skin and the never-aging face. 🙂

I also like the smell of Cherry blossoms, and wanted to see one in person. So yup, that’s on my checklist to Japan. A high school friend of mine also moved to Japan, and once I get there, I would visit her.

And, All of us know that this place, is the land of the rising sun. So, I wanted to see Japan’s sunrise. 🙂 another bucketlist.

i’ll probably enjoy myself with just the vending machines there (because there’s  a lot of it, and all are unique!)

3rd: Australia

Sydney Harbour, Australia.I would love to go see this place one day.Please check out my website thanks. Sydney, Australia; One day, I will celebrate the new year here and I shall kiss a hot australian surfer for the new years kiss! Melbourne, Australia. Photo taken by Unknown. #Art #Photography #travel

Okay. This dream of going to Australia started when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old. My Aunt, who is a nurse, worked in Australia when I was that age. At that time, I was living with them, so whenever she sends stuffs to us here in the Philippines, she buys things for me. I remember having a lot of those little Koala bears that have magnets so you can stick it in the refrigerator. I also got a few chocolates and whatever stuff from Australia. She told me that once I’m old enough, she’ll take me there. Too bad, she’s not there anymore. So yep, that’s the time I started pining for Australia.

My specific city to go to would be Sydney and Melbourne. Typical tourist yeh? 

Anyways, I probably wouldn’t do much there except sightseeing. This country is known for its aquatic escapades. and it’s so unfortunate that I can’t swim and afraid of the sea. not the water okay?! the sea.

So yep. this’ll be the place I would go to that i wouldn’t do much except sighseeing, watching operas (even if I don’t like ’em), desert tripping, or kangaroo hunting (i won’t kill em! i’ll just find one.) that last one wouldn’t be a problem, a kangaroo might be hopping with me in the city.

OH! I want to go here too because I have a crush that lives in Australia. i’m such a girl.

2nd: PARIS

Toutes nos infos pour un citytrip à Paris Je veux tellement en mettre un un jour :) Quétaine et je massume !! :) Louvre Museum, Paris 

So, my reason for going here is a little bit girlish.

I probably mentioned in the past few posts how much I wanted to be a Fashion Designer and this place, is where magic of Prada comes from.

I’m learning basic French at the moment to prepare myself once I have the chance to go to Paris. I AM NOT GOING TO PARIS BECAUSE I HAVE A LOVE LIFE (WHICH I DON’T) OR BECAUSE IT’S THE CITY OF LOVE.

i’m going there for the sole purpose of Fashion. But, having a love life and going there with wouldn’t be bad.

When, (yeah, not IF ’cause I so goddamn will go there.), I would probably go do the touristy things first like sightseeing, because anything left on my pocket money would go to their economy, with me buying everything I want fashion-related. 🙂


For my Top 1 Place that I want to visit, I chose the one city I desperately wanted to go to, where I would kill (i wanted to type “die” but what’s the point of going there when I’m dead?) for the opportunity to go there. I’m even dreaming of living there.

and the place where i would kill for *drum roll*


Times Square, Manhattan island ... New York City, NY, USA Beautiful walk with Mariam :) Brooklyn Bridge, New York City Brent and I got to walk across this on a very HOT day, but it was still wonderful! The Flatiron Building, NYC

St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York NYC New York City Manhattan Statue Of Liberty, New York, United States Chrysler Building, Manhattan ~ New York City, New York

I can’t remember the time I found out this city, or when I fell in love with it (despite not stepping a big toe in it). Maybe because I have a lot of books where the setting is in New York, or because this city is another place where Fashion lives and breathes. OR maybe because people wanted to go there and I’m doing the Ash conformity thing… but either way. I love this city. 

I actually want to go to ALL 50 states of USA, but that is still not sure. But New York is a promise to myself–if not to live there, then at least to visit.

When I get to New York, I’ll just walk/commute the streets, do the normal New Yorker things like getting a coffee for take-out, or take a walk at the Central Park, take a subway as if I have to go somewhere in a hurry–which I think I don’t have anywhere to go. Go from store to store and act as if I’ve been there for my whole life and seem to be bored (which I also think would be hard to pull off because I would squeal and talk to myself and slapping my face asking at the same time if I was dreaming or not.)

In short, I would probably role-play as a New Yorker.

Delhi to Mussoorie Taxi


5 places I want to visit. 🙂 I need to save a lot of money for this. 

probably need to sell my arm and leg too…

Enjoy the little things in life okay? 🙂


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