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The Writing Challenge Day 4: Write about someone who inspires you.

Hey you!!! 🙂

I’m still rolling with this thing, and I think this challenge is starting to get harder… I have a lot of inspirations around me. Things, places, events, and people.

I could write about my family. About how they were with me, physically or not, being supporters to me, and being the ones who molded me to who I am, and continues to mold me. How, even if I have bad times with them, I also have that good times that proves how no matter the obstacles, they will be with me.

OR I could write about my crush… Yeah, even if it’s unrequited, He gave me inspiration. To be better, in the things I can do so that he’ll notice me. How I tried to dress better and ace my studies so I can be noticed. Despite the times that studying is not my favorite thing to do, or how studying is sometimes starting to kill me, I still studied so he’ll notice me as someone who is smart, talented (because i’m also at our school’s dance group), and can do everything she wants without seeming to break a sweat (but i think i almost died that time)

OR BETTER YET, i could write about the things in my life that inspired me everyday. Like, all of my clothes in my closet, how unique everything is in there, and how it motivates me to want to be a fashion designer. How ideas of styling myself go through my mind as I pick today’s outfit. Or about the books and ebooks I have that keep me company in times that I was all by myself. How the characters in it and their stories make me smile on a sad day, or stayed with me all night, because I can’t sleep at all. How even the Air-conditioner and the fans around me keep me alive from this country’s scotching heat. (Philippines is so hot in the summer.) How the events that happened in my life strive me to be better and inspired me to keep doing the things I’m doing. If it wasn’t for that Oratorical project we had at school, I wouldn’t know how good I am at it.

BUT… no. None of those are what I’m going to write about…

Someone who inspires me… She… (Yes, a girl… so you can strike out the boyfriend or another crush.)  inspires me to be a better shell of me everyday, because I always see her… when I look in the mirror.

My house seems to be surrounded with mirrors, so I see myself everyday… and just seeing myself, whether i look like someone who had a fight with a chipmunk, or I look presentable enough to face humanity, inspires me. Every time i see myself in the mirror, I see how much I’ve grown to be a 17 year old girl, or how my eyes seem to be looking at me as if I’m far too mature for my own physical 4’1” body and my 17 years of age. How my face lights up whenever I smile to myself for the pretty things I see in front of me. How I mentally grade myself if I look pretty or not, if my left eye seems to be bigger than my right, if my lips have another wound from biting it earlier.

Small things in myself that I can see in the mirror. I don’t like it if other people judge me because of what they see. So i usually look at myself to make those judgement myself. did I really look bad today?

The imperfections I see in front of the mirror, inspires me to either, improve those imperfections so they’re not they became subtle, or eliminate those imperfections so they’ll only see the perfect in me. Or keep them. because those things made me… me.

Inspiration doesn’t always have to come from someone, or something, or some place. Sometimes it has to come from yourself because no one can love you more than you love yourself…

How about that?

Enjoy the little things in life 🙂

Everyone wants to be loved who doesn't?? but before you can really love someone else you must first love yourself!!


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