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The Writing Challenge Day 3: What are your top 3 pet peeves?

So, I’m still in this thing huh? yep.

Before we continue with the writing challenge, I searched the meaning of “Pet peeve”.


So yep… It’s basically something I find annoying. This is the easiest challenge I’ve had so far… (not that i’m that far in this writing challenge thing.) As I was saying, my pet peeves…

Okay, my Top 3–Highest is 1. We’ll do the count-down style okay?

3. I hate it when someone is so loud… whenever I want some peace and quiet.

I may be a loud person at times, but I like some quiet times too. And GOSH, i hate it when someone suddenly decides to be noisy at the same time I decided that I want some peace and quiet too.

most of the time, this pet peeve of mine bursts out whenever my sister sings out of the blue. I mean, she’s a great singer, but she decides to sing in the worst of times…

Or whenever there’s a free-cut, which in College, there’s a lot… I often take these times to catch some zzz’s… That is until someone decides to keep everyone awake by talking oh-so-loud or sing with the off-pitched voice of his/hers.

I really hope people have this innate power that can sense whenever people around them are starting to get annoyed to the things they’re doing…

2. I hate it when someone in front of me… walks so slow.

I’m a fast walker… I know this because, I’ve been timing myself whenever I walk… the 10-minute walk I usually do before went down to about 5-7 minutes. I think it’s because I’m living in an urban city and and everything seems to be faster here–or has to be faster.

This pet peeve of mine, comes out whenever I’m at the mall or park or anywhere that has a lot of people in it. and those people, unfortunately, are slow walkers. or whenever i’m late for my next class, and of all the times slow walkers decided to have a slow walk convention, they chose that time.

even when i’m not in a hurry, slow walkers make me see red at the back of their heads… (except for the elderly, pregnant, and people with disabilities).

1. I hate it when I’m being compared to someone or something.

This is my number 1 pet peeve and this comes out whenever i’m being compared to, and oh boy, my reaction to this pet peeve usually end up in a post-war kind.

I mean, we are all different, nobody is the same as the next person. We have similarities, but those similarities? just cover about 2% of your whole self. Maybe because I live in a family that being compared to is the most natural thing they do. That’s why I so f*cking hate this thing.

I sometimes think of this thing as a good thing, in a way that i can use it as an inspiration to improve myself. But B*tch please, no need to shove it my face all the time how I come up lacking compared to this person.

I think this pet peeve really developed because I was compared to a Flowerhorn fish.

It’s our pet in our home and because my Mom loves this Fish so much, she’d choose it over her own daughter that she gave labor for about 8 hours. pssh… she’d choose a 34$ fish over me…

Anyways… that’s another story. So these are my pet peeves… not so unusual right? What’s yours?

Enjoy the little things in life.. 🙂


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