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The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West

I’m on a roll right?! I’m trying to be a good blogger by tending to my blog this summer because, I neglected it for almost a whole school year.

Anyways, This one, is a book review… Not part of the writing challenge I made myself do.

Just like on my Goodreads, I’m giving this book a 4.75 rating, just because Kasie West is one of those Authors that like us to scream at the end and make us throw the book then running over to pick it up and smooth it over again. please tell me I’m not the only one who’s doing that.

Before we continue, a moment of empty space for my fan-girl moment.


Date published: May 5, 2015

Date I read the book: May 21, 2015- May 22,2015

Did you know those two words make up the most-told lie in the English language?


So, This story is basically about a teenage girl, going under crisis of losing her friends, and in the process, lose her boyfriend too, and ended up lying to fix it.

see? not so much right?! but I don’t know how Kasie West made it so interesting, that you end up turning page after page, until you realized it’s the end… and you’ve been reading for six hours straight and the sun is about to go up.

I don’t know how to explain a plot for you guys because the Synopsis Goodreads gave for this book is the only one I can give you without spoiling you guys.

There is only two ways of getting out a lie:

  1. cover it up with another lie.
  2. or, tell the f*cking truth.

“You should go inside anyway. You look amazing.”

“Can you just cuss me out and walk away or something? I don’t need to think you’re sweet after all this.”

So, as usual… (I WANT A BOOK TWO!)

PLEASE!!! It’s not right to leave readers hanging like that Kasie West!!! that’s a sin!!! to bookworms like me!! (it makes me feel like you’re a sadist… no offense, i’m just a bad girl whenever a good– very very good– book ends like that.)

Gia- is the typical A-student. Although i’m not like her when I was in High school… I’m more like Bec in HS.

The fill-in Bradley- yep, not saying his name… Because it should be your privilege to find it out for yourself. (it’ll make you feel elated once you know.) I didn’t know that a guy like him could be sexy, charming, be a nerd, an actor, and look hot wearing geeky stuff, all at the same time… I feel like reading a bunch of different guy within him. And it’s a breath of fresh air to read someone who’s not into “macho” stuff. 🙂

Bec- Bec is Fill-In Bradley’s little sister. And she reminds me of myself when I was in High school, which is cute… I love her Outspoken, wild-spirit characteristic. Her immature brains. 🙂 and of course, the whole her.

Jules- There is always a villain in every story… So yep, I expected this girl to be that… She is Gia’s Friend–Frenemy– and I don’t want to spoil her little chip in the shoulder to Gia so you guys have to find it out for yourselves… If given a chance, I would strangle this girl to death and skip all the way eating ice cream of something. that’s how i hate her.

A bunch more of characters in the story are AMAZING and if I could, I would describe them one by one… Though, I don’t want to ruin the book so, better get those hands in use and start flippin’ pages…

This book is a page-turner. That is what you guys need to know first before picking up this book and reading it because it piques you, or because almost everyone is reading it, or because it’s on your TBR shelf and it’s coincidentally the time that you decided to read it.

I love the book. No hard feelings whatsoever with the characters(well, maybe I have on a few of them) but as a reader, it kept me up until 4AM because I couldn’t shut off my ebook reader, and leave in that chapter…

i remember murmuring the “one more chapter” mantra we bookworms do.

Anyways, The story flow is not so smooth for me. Because the setting suddenly changes from one place to another without the reader knowing it changed, until the reader realizes that the scene changed. does somebody get what I mean? The characters are perfect, I’ve never encountered someone like the Fill-in Bradley (yep, not telling his name people! to raise the suspense, also, I’ve never read anything about the problems this story laid out for us… So, it’s kind of a breath of fresh air for me.

The typical stupidity of girls are still here, so yep, cliche right?

For me, my basis for a good book is that it can make me feel what the characters feel within maybe from the 1st to the 25th page. and boy this book did it.

Also, this book isn’t just about the life of a teenage girl going into identity crisis or something like that, it also teaches us things that I know we all know by know but still commit it due to hard circumstances: Lying.

It’s not always bad that comes out to the bad things you do, unless you really did it to do harm unto others, well, i’ll let karma do the trick for ya.

“Is it a name that can also be double as a word?”


“You know, like Hunter, or Forest, Stone,–”

“Or Tree?”

“Ha-ha, no. I was going to say Grant. As in, grant me the patience to deal with this boy while I am trapped in a car with him.”

“One day you’re going to meet a girl who knocks you down a few pegs. I really hope she’s a Twitter addict.”

“That will be a deal breaker, G.”

“And that’s why it’ll be so satisfying.”

All-in-all, this book made me finish it in 6 hours! *mouth opened*
For this year, Please do include The Fill-In Boyfriend to your TBR list! 🙂

Enjoy the little things in life! 🙂


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