Little Words of Little Things..

The writing challenge Day 1: List 10 things that make you happy.

Hey! So I will really do this… 

day 1 of the 30 day writing challenge is to List 10 things that make me happy.

Here we go!

1. Chocolates

Because who the hell doesn’t like chocolate?! and is there a person who would be sad while eating a chocolate?!

that’s right, no one! (or I think there’s none.)

This baby is my stress reliever whenever academics are drowning me, whenever peer pressure is cooking me(pun intended), and whenever i feel that the world is weighing down on me(at least I think it is). this thing is like the drugs that’s legal…

in any form, as long as there’s chocolate in it, or it is the chocolate, then you’ll me smiling like a Cheshire cat in no time. 🙂


Its true do it when you are sad its helps you alot  Without dance I wouldn't be able to walk out of my house

that, my dear, is true… for me.

If someone asks me what my talent is, i wouldn’t hesitate to say that it’s dancing… I’m not a professional dancer or something okay? and I think i’m a mediocre dancer… nothing too special. But the feeling I get whenever I’m dancing, either for a performance or for fun, it’s like crawling out of your body and floating through the room… ugh…  it’s kind of hard to explain okay… you’re not supposed to explain a feeling, you should feel it.

3. Reading

Go away, I'm reading.

you guys already know that i’m a reader (because i’ve been doing book reviews), and for those bookworms out there, y’all know the feeling of curling up with a good book right? so yeah, no need to explain this thing…

except for the feeling of going to another place… reading is like, going to another place, without anything in exchange except for you to read and give your time to the book..

4. Pinterest

cause no one does… *insert evil laugh*

My life has changed when I discovered Pinterest about 2 years ago…

despite the fail attempts of DIYs and recipes, and whatever things i found there, the idea of having a place to find ideas is a nice feeling…

5. Jokes

People who know me say i’m funny… not that i don’t believe them…

jokes are meant to make people laugh or smile… and it does for me… well, that depends on the joke. 

6. a cute clothes, bag, shoes, accessories


i’m a girl! what do you expect?! anything that is about fashion gives a smile to my lips… unless it’s a really bad ensemble then Imma be like King Joffrey there… 🙂

7. getting the things i want

i mean, who is sad whenever they get what they want?

i rarely get what i want, the disadvantage of being in a middle class family. but still, getting what i want, even the little things, like for example, i get to choose the dinner for tonight, or having an ice cream despite the fact that we haven’t paid the electricity bill yet, is my kind of happy… (well, at the time i’m happy, until our electricity is cut off then no amount of ice cream can make me happy by then.) Kidding.

8. comfort foods

if chocolate isn’t enough, then this thing inserts… 🙂 there’s nothing more to happiness than being in a food coma. 🙂

i mean, money can’t buy me some things… but it can buy me a pizza, ice cream, candies, chocolates, fatty foods, greasy foods, and other foods that can kill me in the future… so yeah, it’s kind of the same thing.

9. sleeping

well, i’ll be as sour as a lemon if i didn’t get any sleep at all. so yep, the reason people can make me smile is because i’m getting some sleep. 🙂 it’s already proven… i’m so bitchy whenever i only had about an hour or two of sleep.

10. writing

i have a very creative mind, and i swear, if i can just live my whole life to make stories, i would… but then reality sucks man… so yep…

anyways, i’ve been spending some free time with writing stuffs… So, once i gained enough courage, i shall post my writings here… but for now, let’s forget about it first.

So day 1: Mission accomplished.

i think i suck at this writing challenge, because i only wrote about ~650 words… 😦 i’ll be better in the next 29 days… 😀

what are the things that makes you happy? do we have similarities? aside from chocolates, because we all love that one. any specific source of happiness?? for example, a family or loved one?

share it to the world… maybe you can spread happiness in no time.

Enjoy the little things in life. 🙂


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