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How I greeted my Aunt for Mother’s day…

Because of Finals going on, this week, I forgot to greet the people I love… my Mothers…

yes, i have more than one mom… which makes me a happy baby… but back again to the main problem, i forgot to greet my Aunts and my mom (the biological one) on Mother’s day…

what kind of daughter and niece am i?!!! this is a sin! So to compensate for my forgetful mind, i sent my Aunt who’s in New Jersey, a message through Facebook (thank you social media!!).

I’m a writer at heart and dreamed of being an Author or something when I was little but reality sucks so much, because I’m currently taking up Occupational Therapy, a Pre-med course instead of Literature or Mass communications. It may be the spur of moment that led to me writing such a heart-warming and tearful message, but nonetheless it came from the bottom of my heart (ventricle).

And… This is how a Pre-Med student greet her Nurse Mom, loving her with all of her adipose and 5 liters of blood.

mother's-day-2 685e14db5e286def93436900e1a2fde3

Even if we forget the day where we should thank them for being our Mothers… it’s okay, as long as you don’t forget the times they’ve been a mother to you… Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there!!! 

Mothers, your children love you with all of their Left & Right Atrium, Left & Right Ventricle, and Aortas!

Keep enjoying the little things in life. 🙂


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