Little Words of Little Things..

Is it me or …?

So as a college student enjoying a long christmas break, i have a lot of time in my hands right now. I finally posted some book reviews for this blog, possibly watched all the movies in HBO. (Or they’re just airing the same schedule of movies in the past week.), helped my mom in doing chores around the house, (i swear i sweeped the floor at least 3 times a day.) Surf the net on my free time, which is a lot… annnnnddd, buried the bodies i killed in the past semester of my college in the open lot just 2 blocks away from my house…..

Just kidding. The last one is just a joke. πŸ™‚
Seriously, with all the time i have right now, i came up with a few questions about… um, about a lot of things i guess…

So here they are… (oh, feel free to answer my questions if you know the answer so i can sleep well at night knowing my mind won’t bother me about these silly questions.)

Question no 1: am i the only one that their dreams happens in real life?
I mean, this topic is never a big thing for me before. The first dream i remember that happened in real life was when i was in 3rd grade. We had this 2×2 mirror hanging on the wall in our bedroom, it has a frame that looked like ceramic or something, and i was trying to look at myself in the mirror but i was too short. So i jumped up and down so i can see myself, only problem about that is that i can only see myself for a second. Then down i went again…. then i woke up. after a few weeks or months i guess, i was playing with my hair and i wanted to see what i looked like, so i went to the same mirror. Then when i realized that i can’t see myself ’cause im too small i jumped up an down, just like in my dream. After a few jumping, the realization of me doing the exact same thing of what happened in the dream strucked me. I thought i was a fortune teller or something. That i could tell the future. But it seemed useless if all the dreams i had the happened in real life included mundane things like me getting a glass of water or me walking down the same old street.

Question no 2: how do we really forgive our brother or sister after fighting?
If you read my past posts, you’ll figure out by now that i have an older sister. And as all mundane sisters do, we fight. And oh hell, our fights range from small word fights to full out pulling our hairs and punching each other. Reasons may vary from a simple misunderstanding of who’s going to wash the dishes aftet breakfast, to blaming each other for breaking a precious and fragile thing of my mom, to jealousy over who Mom loves more. And most of the time, we end up not talking and staying away from each other as far as we can. But how do we really make up after fighting? How do you?
After a few minutes or hours, we just talk to each other again and act like the fight never happened. That’s what we do. Sometimes, i think to myself, is my sister sending me mental messages or something saying she’s sorry or let’s forget about the fight… if she is, i’m not receiving it. I guess, there’s this innate sense in us siblings to automatically make up after a fight. That there’s this unspoken rule to sibling that you’ll only fight for a maximum time of thirty minutes then you have to make up after…

Question no. 3: why is it when we want to sleep, we can’t. And when we don’t want to sleep, we do?
It’s really maddening when i need to stay up late for a project and suddenly my head says, “oh i think i feel sleepy, come on let’s go to sleep.” And when the times when a day didn’t go well and sleeping is the only way to escape the day, i can’t. Is it me or everyone went to this same problem at least once?

Question no. 4: are we meant to have our hearts broken first before we fall in love?
This, is a random thought. I’m not in a relationship crisis or something okay? (cause i’m single. And nothing is exciting in life right now.) but i don’t know someone who’s heart hasn’t been broken before, either by a friend or a family, or by someone special. especially the someone special. and i’m thinking, is this a kind of punishment that was given to us long before because of the sins we made or something, but at the same time a blessing to us, because He wants is to find The One, that’s why He kept hurting us because he/she is not The One yet.
Or maybe i’m just overthinking this. Maybe we’re just dumb to see who really loves us because we’re blinded by the ones we want. Neh, you decide.

And lastly, because i have to do something now.
Question no. 5: Dying.
Yeah, it’s not a question, but the word itself has a lot of unanswered questions inside it. Does anyone know when they will die? Or when will someone die? What’s the easiest way to death? Is there a heaven and a hell? Is there a purgatory? Where are we going after dying? Can we see our loved ones after dying? Can we take something with us when we die? If we kill ourselves when it’s not our time yet, will we wake up? Or are we still going to die and pay for thay early death in the afterlife? Do we get to change clothes when we die? Or wear the same clothes we wore when we died forever and ever? Can we go to places and scare people when we’re ghosts?
I still have a lot of questions … but i’ll stop here, i know you get my point now…

Is it me? Or some of few out there thought of these things too?

Keep enjoying the little things in life. For those little things get us through everyday. Keep holding on to them, soon, a new year will greet you, and those little things will always remind you of this year, 2014. πŸ™‚

Oh, one more question, what if you’re on a plane and it’s the pilot’s time to die?


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