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The Weekday Bride series: Single by Saturday (Book 4) by Catherine Bybee

okay, this book is the most confusing one of all in all of the series… because of:

1.) why did no one even noticed the spark between Zach and Karen? huh? huh?
2.) how nobody in the family–NOBODY– felt a bit odd about Michael and Karen not kissing each other in the lips…
3.) and lastly, how did the teenagers became a problem in the story? seriously?! don’t get me started on this one.

you guys must be bored of me numbering this about this series huh? don’t worry this is the last entry… 🙂

all in all, it was a cute kilig to the bones kind of book and it didn’t disappoint me. it just made me feel a bit confused, that’s all…


Karen was mentioned in the other books of the series, so for those who read it, i don’t think i need to recap her. For Zach, he was mentioned here in this book only, but oh my… i can’t even describe how Catherine bybee described Zach in the book because i think the one in my head is tweaked in a few perfection here and a few perfection there… so yeah, i’m just going to shut up and hope to God that i can convince you to read the Weekday Bride series! 🙂

“I’m glad you like it. i bought it for my sister for her birthday.”

the smile on Karen’s face fell. “You what?”

“Hannah. think she’ll like it?”

words escaped her. “You did not!” she twisted toward Zach, who happened to be closer to her than Michael was. “Tell me he’s kidding!”

Zach was still smiling, but she couldn’t read much from his expression.

“Michael Gardner Wolfe, Tell me you’re joking!”

“You don’t think she’ll like it?” He asked.

“You can’t give this to a seventeen-year-old girl. You’re not giving it to her, your mother will kill you!”

Michael finally stopped smiling. “I hadn’t thought of that.”

“Yeah, well you should have.”

“You’re right”

“of course i’m right.”

Michael lifted his glasses of his face and set them on top of the car. he looked at the keys in his hands and then to her. he tossed her the keys, which she caught with one hand.

“Then it’s yours.”

she tossed the keys right back as if they burned. “i don’t need this car.”

back the keys came. “You said it was pretty.”

“i already have a pretty car.”The keys sailed over the car again.

“This one is prettier.”

she caught the keys again and stomped her foot. “Michael!”

He mimicked her, stomped his foot, and winked. “Karen!”

He started to laugh. “C’mon honey. It’s your anniversary present. one whole year of putting up with me”

joe nudged mike’s arm. “All right mike… kissing Marilyn Cohen or kissing Jennifer Ashton?”

everyone in the group knew that Mike had the opportunity to kiss both women as they’d costarred in his films.


“Really?” joe asked. “I think Marilyn is more beautiful.”

Mike laughed. “She is… but Marilyn and i are friends. when i kissed her, her husband, Tom, was on set.”

karen giggled. “Well let me know the next time you have to kiss her and i’ll come by and kiss tom, to make the whole ordeal even.”

“Karen,” Judy said. “Brazilian wax or total leg wax?”

“what’s a brazilian?” Rena asked.

Mike started to laugh. “It’s so wrong on many levels that my baby sister knows something my older sister doesn’t.”

hope i convinced you guys to read the final entry of The Weekday Bride series by Catherine Bybee! 🙂


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