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The Weekday Bride series: Fiancé by Friday (Book 3) by Catherine Bybee

This is going be a short and sweet kind of review. 🙂
of All the series of this book, this is the most unexpected for me. because Gwen turned out to be a whole lot more than what a British woman should be. and Neil, is the typical retired marine that you can read on other books. the best part of the whole book for me, is that Gwen didn’t looked like a damsel in distress. even after all that has happened. ( maybe because of the part where she was naive about the “outside world” or something.)

this book taught how the present can heal the past, and all of us deserves to be loved by someone, no matter how dark our past has been.

i didn’t write down any “quotable quotes” for this book because:
1.) i think it would spoil something, even if it’s just a sentence.
2.) because i was so engrossed in the story… there may be good quotes to spread, but i must have jumped on it, or forgot what page is it in… i sure other people who read the book might’ve wrote something down. 🙂


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