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The Weekday Bride series: Married by Monday (Book 2) by Catherine Bybee

As always… i’m a sucker for a good romance, and this is one of the good ones. it started with the typical, one of the cliche scenarios about a man and a woman feeling something between them but denying it because of… i don’t know, secrets inside the closet maybe. but denying your feelings won’t help, it’ll only strengthen. so i guess that happened…

i would love to describe the main characters in this story, but the synopsis already described it, so maybe a few trivias…

1.) the main characters were mentioned in the series’ first book (Wife by Wednesday).
2.) the main characters in the story, Carter and Eliza, are best friends of the main characters in the first set of the series, Blake and Samantha.
3.) this series will give you a hint on who’s going to be the main characters in the book. 🙂
4.) (view spoiler)
5.) there will be a cute dog in the story that won’t any fancy food but would chew shoes. (but most of the shoes that he destroyed were designer shoes…) so fancy too, i guess…

this book, just strengthen my belief about how not arranged marriage are bad… just as long as you both have chemistry, go for it.:)

Eliza heard a muffled sound behind her and noticed Zod inching toward the back door and another pair of forgotten heels.

she yelled at the dog to stop in German, and then picked up her shoes.

“I find it hard that Zod will ignore beef, but eat shoes.”

“We might not want to tell anyone his weakness, or we might find a shoe salesman ransacking the house.”

“you worry to much.”

“I have to be able to take care of myself. no one knows better than i that guarantees in life are nonexistent.”

“poppycock. Carter cares for you deeply. and you’ve nothing to worry about.”

“Poppycock? did you just say poppycock?”

Gwen rolled her eyes. “don’t make fun of my expressions. you know what i say is true.”

“don’t ever leave me.” he pleaded.

her heart swelled in her chest as everything she ever wanted to hear spilled from his lips. “husband and wife forever?”

“Forever might not be long enough.” his blue eyes danced with hope.

“Forever is all i have, hollywood.”

“forever it is.”

okay, for all the hopeless romantics out there! and bookworms that loves reading books in a romance genre or someone who likes anything that has romance in itREAD THIS!


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