.... · Little Words of Little Things..

words have an ability.

To what? well, i’m not exactly sure…

they can beat you down, but you can’t see any bruises or signs of you being hurt physically.

they can make you feel things. i mean, words are not like a massage chair that once you seat in it and press a few buttons it can make you feel relaxed.

they can be or not be contained. like just blurting it all out without your permission, or suddenly going down your throat in time when you have to say it, making you forget about what you’re supposed to say.

they can be used in good and/or bad. by giving away information is a two-way for this.

it can save you. or give you harm. depends…

they can frustrate you or calm you. frustrate by knowing from other people words that you don’t want to hear. or by calming you by saying words you want/need to hear.

words have a LOT of abilities.i don’t even know most of them, but the most powerful one it has for me,

Their ability to not take it back.

once they’re out there, floating in air with the voice of someone who said it, travelling over to those ears of someone, it can never be undone. (unless, you travel back in time… which is we tackle time here today, it’ll be a wider discussion.)

even if i lecture you right now about how to think wisely before you say something, or think about what others would feel if you say this and say that… just like their one ability, some words cannot be contained. not forever. even secrets eventually get out.

All i’m saying is……. i would say something, but saying something includes words… so i’ll just shut up… 😉


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