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The Weekday Bride series: Wife by Wednesday (Book 1) by Catherine Bybee

i just want to humiliate myself first by telling you all how i ignored this book for over a year because i thought it’s one of those books that copied the fifty shades’ story line… well, i stand corrected!this book has turned me to a mushy state in just a few days! this is not just about the “S” word, it’s about how rushing into things doesn’t always lead to bad things in life, they may even bring you the best things.

that’s what most of the series seemed to tell me…


Blake Harrison, the Duke of Albany, needed an wife, pronto. well, we all know how good looks and a sh*tload of money isn’t going to give you a trusty wife, and he doesn’t want emotions to get in the way. Pure business as he say… so after asking help and getting one from a matchmaker that specially caters for these kind of things, Blake is going to me married with the help of Sam Elliot.
Sam Elliot–who is not a boy— is the owner of Alliance, a matchmaking company that pairs couples based on their needs, not the normal matchmaking for finding the one. after getting Blake Harrison to team up with Alliance for his trouble, Sam is determine to impress Blake by giving him the best of the best, knowing not only she can get a big amount of money after this, but also to gain more clients for her shh-ed business. and in a matter of days, Sam gave Blake what he asked for, a marriage… Just not in the way she thought it would be.

Before i continue, this series has 4 books, and all of them have great stories to tell! so please read the series! 😀

“You sure about this dating service is the right way to go?”

“Matchmaking, not dating.”

“What’s the difference?”

“They don’t match your love interests, they match your life plan.”

“How romantic.” Carter’s sarcasm came across like a shout.

When he glanced at his fiance, he noted how her hands twisted in her lap. funny how he was the one with everything to lose, but she was the one fidgeting. “here, maybe this will help.” he handed her a tall flute and sat across from her in the oversize, plush leather chair.

“am i so obvious?”

“The white knuckles give you away.”

Samantha swallowed half the wine in one drink. “I never wanted to be an actress.”

“I’d bet the studios would pay top dollar for you to do voiceovers.”

she shrugged.”if i had a dollar for everytime i’ve heard that.”

“Should i be worried about all these shoes in here?” Blake asked from her closet.

she laughed. “You’re the one who told me to go shopping.” She teased.

“looks like i’ll be hiring a handyman to build another walk-in just for you.” there was laughter in his voice.

“women love clothes.”

“And shoes, apparently. God, I didn’t think anyone needed this many.”

“I’m short, in case you haven’t noticed. i need heels to see how the rest of you live.”

Blake’s voice moved closer. “You’re not short.”

She turned to see him holding a pair of four inched pumps.

“Vertically challenged, then.” She stood to prove her point. “see?” beside him, the top of her head met his chin. “Short!”

the moment the music began, he led Samantha to the center of the room and swung her into his arms. “People are staring.”

“That’s what they do for the bride and groom’s first dance.” and because he felt her stiffen, he teased her. “They want to see me trip.” Blake spun her around, their bodies close.

“They might be waiting for awhile, you seem to know what you’re doing out here.”

Blake removed one of her arms from his neck and led her into another swing before bringing her back. “I’ve danced a time or two.”

“or three or four.”

okay, i think i spoiled enough juicy bits for you to try and read The Weekday Bride series. 🙂
Thank you Caherine Bybee for making a series that not only lets the readers meet new people every book, but also giving us different scenarios about finding love in a some-what hopeless place. 😉



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