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Raw by Belle Aurora

Don’t listen to your heart. Your heart is a moron. 

It has been a few months since i wrote my last review… but alas! i have returned to write a review about this toe-curling, hair-pulling, gut-wrenching story… (that’s a bit exaggerating huh?) 🙂

Alexa Ballestine, a.k.a. Lexi, was born in a wasted family in the US. and after 16 years of living in within the walls of her uncaring family, she decided to run away from them. after a short journey of being homeless and all that, she ends up in the system where someone who adopted her and she lived a happily ever after.
but after moving to the land down under, courtesy of her foster mom who wants to die where she was born, she continues her life in Sydney. As a caseworker for kids in the system, she tries her best to help those children and to keep them from having the life she had. but lately, she’s been feeling someone watching over her. her very own stalker… OH BOY… and guess what happens if you fall in love with your stalker.

i’m still emotionally high about the story, and i would beat myself to death if i spoil something to you guys out there right now… i just want to get it out of my system how cliff-hanging this book is!!! (Beware for those readers that hate cliff-hanging books… wait for the 2nd book before you start.) i honestly didn’t know that “Raw” is a series. i thought it was a stand alone kind of book, and now, i’m dreading that the story if forever printed in my mind… so please, Belle Aurora can you hurry up a little bit with the next book? it would a good Christmas gift for us… 🙂

all in all, it was a very good book. a lot of things, events, characters to meet in just a 200+ pages of a book, it’s a bit fast-paced but it’s alright, no matter how brutal the events are in the story, and how much i hate that Belle Aurora has to write it, it’s also gave me constant reminder of how much crude a reality can be…

and for the record, i give this book a 4.85% rating! 😀 yeah, why not just make it a 4 flat or 5 flat… i would’ve gave it a five if Belle didn’t scare the sh*t out of me by ending it with Twitch dying… for a few paragraphs… but still, i was on the verge of crying a river for Lexi, and catching the next fight to Australia just so i can choke Belle Aurora of doing this to me… but then… i forgive you Belle…
you will be an outstanding writer for me from now on! 😀 YOU ROCK!

Please do read Raw and support Belle Aurora by reading her other books like the Friendzoned series… 😀
Thumbs up!


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