Little Words of Little Things..

How it felt to help people… The OT way…

okay, so before I start, you must be thinking what “OT” means? well, it means “Occupational Therapy”. 🙂

Last week, Monday, October 7, 2014, the school organization I joined to had a program for children with special needs, and I was part of the people assigned to entertain the parents/ guardian of the children while the children have their own educational fun.
At first, I was nervous—shaking-like-a-leaf kind of nervous because a.) I have no idea what to do because I wasn’t able to attend the meetings before the event, and didn’t make the effort to ask questions and updates about the event. b.) because I was assigned to “entertain” the parents for a few hours, and I think their definition of “entertainment” and my definition of it are different—way, way different. c.) and because I was one of the heads for the event and I’m so not prepared. No script, no idea what the event, no idea what I was going to discuss, no idea at all. And to top it all off, I should do my best not to bore the parents…
Okay, nothing like the pressure to make me feel comfortable…
So I got one hour to scan the PowerPoint I’m going to discuss and to have an idea on what we’re going to tackle, and a rundown of the schedule of activities for the parents.
Did I tell you that I was just a freshman? So, it meant that I have no freaking idea what the hell I was going to discuss because I was just taking general education classes this year. And the ones I’m about to discuss are included in my major classes which will be, ta-da, next year!
So fast forward a bit, I did well on the discussion. With me being great at speaking Tagalog* than some of the org** members, and me getting the hang of hosting… (because my dream job was to be a host.) I did well… but my Org mates told me I did great, so maybe… and after a while I had fun with the parents, helping them do proper body mechanics and applying it to everyday work like doing the laundry.
Fast forward… at the end of the event, I helped in assisting the parents and their children back to the shuttle that’s going to take them home, and even though a part of me felt grateful because it’s done and I can get some rest, a part of me feels sad for having to say good bye after a fun day with the parents and meeting the kids. The children are adorable! Even if you can see that they’re not normal, they act like normal children, smiling, happy, playing, etc. they even waved good bye to me, and wants me to kiss them or them kissing me on the cheek before they go… if we don’t look at the differences they have physically to “normal” people, they will probably be “normal” like us.
What does “normal” mean? I mean, the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland told us that we are all mad and even if you deny it or not, we are all mad. Each one of us have its own flaws… where did we base that “normal” kind of person? The ones who are happy all the time? They may be crazy for all we know… those who are optimistic all the time? They may be wearing masks that hide away their depressed selves… these kids, they don’t wear masks, they put their true selves on all the time, for all we know, they may be the “normal” ones, and we’re the ones who have problems… did this thought crossed your mind?
After a day of fun and realization, I think my mind just exploded… add the part where the rain suddenly fell out from the sky—as if there’s any place for the rain to get out of—and the strong winds broke my umbrella, making me a wet mess on the way home, well, I think my body and mind just shouted “uncle! Uncle!” back there…
Always enjoy the little things in life… the little gestures people do to/for us… and to never judge people just because they are different from you…
Loving the life, OT way…

remember, enjoy the little things in life. 😉


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