Little Words of Little Things..


Okay, so in my last post, I mentioned spending most of my day with the parents/guardians of children with special needs. And one of the activities we did with the parents was to watch a movie so they can relax even if it’s just for two hours. And the movie we watched was Fireproof.
It was about a husband and a wife having a rough year with their marriage, and it started with just not having respect to each other until the time came and the wife wanted an out in their marriage. At first, both sides of the party wanted to end things up legally, but the family and friends around the husband convinced him to hold the divorce off for forty days and see if they can save their marriage within the numbered days. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so I recommend you watch it and see what happens.
For me it consists of how to save a failing marriage, all it needs is respect, love for each other, trust, patience, content, faith in God, and inserting God in between the marriage. Yeah, that’s a lot I guess… but who told you loving someone is easy? And marriage is just like a snap of your fingers and viola! You’re married, happily ever after!
The movie also has a lot—and I mean a lot—of clichés in it. I don’t want to tell you those clichés… but most of them are the ones you see on romantic movies… even if it looks like the lesson in this story is something about love and relationships, there are still a few hidden—or not so hidden—lessons in the movie, like God loves you and continues to love you even if you rejected him over and over again. And that In marriage, especially in a failing one, if at least one of you wants to save it, even if it’s an inkling of try to save the marriage—do it, because in the first place you vowed whether to God or to the Court that you will love each other for better or for worst, for richer or for poor, and in sickness and in health.
Just watch it people… if I continue blabbering about how good this movie is—despite the over-used clichés—I might tell you the whole story… 
Enjoy the little things in life… and for the couples out there! Whether married or not, remember: YOU ARE A COUPLE. You named yourselves couples, now you’re technically saying you’re committed to each other… stay committed! If never make rush decisions just because he didn’t make you coffee this morning you’re going to file a divorce?! People people…
Sometimes the only way to have peace is to reconcile with the person you had an argument/chaos with.
*WARNING: this blogger is only 16 years old, and the advices she gives came from the movies, and other people around her who gave words of wisdom which she just relayed to her followers and fellow readers of her blog. It is your decision if you want to take her advice or not…


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