Little Words of Little Things..

We are being robbed everyday (relatable for those who commute)

So I just got off of the PUV (public utility van) in front of my school and I just realized this thought now after my sixteen or less years of commuting from one place to another. If you thought that robbery only happens when a thing you own was taken from you without your consent… Well… Maybe we should add this one…
Everyday, when we commute we are robbed of our PERSONAL SPACE. How can I support that sentence?
Imagine this… Your waiting for the next train stop (I used the train because most countries have one so you can all relate) and the minute people hear the chug chugging of the rails, they started walking to the edge of the waiting area, I don’t know why, maybe they just want to get in first or they’re late for something… Imagine yourself being one of those people waiting… As the train nears, the people are shoulder to shoulder. When the train stops in the subway, people started pushing and pulling to be near at the doors. As the automatic doors slide open, it’s like the people are waters and the train is the dam, waters rushing in or out of it. And you a human, can’t resist the heavy currents so you just roll with it.
Once the train doors close, the inside of it is full of fishes. You feel like you’re a fish being processed to be put in a sardines can. You can’t reach over your leg to scratch an itch because bending needs space… Unless you really want to scratch that itch, then you’ll have to face the butt of an obese guy in front of you.
Maybe you can reach your forehead to wipe the sweat forming over there, but you can’t do it discreetly because a sophisticated looking woman who doesn’t belong to be in a subway by the clothes she’s wearing is across from you and every move you make… She’s watching you. You just have barely enough space to breath in without pushing your chest to the obese guy who looks to comfortable with the friction he’s making with the girl in a micro mini skirt in front of him… And don’t forget the teenage kid at your back, snoring away while standing… It’s either he’s already drooling over your shoulder or what you felt back there was just sweat. But he sure is tired because if you move away from him, his face will end up on the floor.
20 minutes of standing like that sandwiched to those strange people around you, and you have to keep whatever space you have for yourself because another set of people are going to barge in once the train stopped on the next station.
After 40 minutes of standing there squishing with some random person around you… You finally made it to your destination… Problem is? Your at the other side of the train, and getting out, you need to cross over to the door on the other side… More problem? Twice the people before are inside that train and maybe 1/4 of them are in your way. So more or less, the way to get out is:
1. Politely excuse people move so you can get to the door.
2. Wait for the people closest to the door to get out so you don’t have to do the third one.
3. Elbow everyone and anyone who is in your way to get to the door. Besides, you need to avenge your babies in your chest after it got elbowed by a few people.
So what’s it gonna be?
Just remember, enjoy little things in life… Maybe from that claustrophobic train you’ll meet The One…Β  Or not. πŸ™‚

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things πŸ˜‰


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