Little Words of Little Things..

Never judge others by your experiences.

As I listened to my friend and classmate talked about her dad, I was all, “oh great. How am I supposed to relate to this? All guys are the same… So all dads are the same too.”
Then my friend cried. I was confused so I looked at the projector and read the question she was supposed to answer.
3 personalities you love about your mom/dad

Oh. I looked back to my friend as she tried to stop the tears from falling by taking deep breaths and telling our prof that she’s sorry and she just needs a minute to compose herself.
As we all hushed and waited for her, she composed herself.
Then she started again. “I’m sorry, I just missed my dad because I’m far away.” Before wiping the stubborn tears.

She’s a thousand miles away from her family, living in a dorm and trying to fit in to the city life, because she came from the province.

As she started to tell 3 personalities about her dad, and explaining each one. Something came to my mind. She really loves her dad. She looks up to him, gazing at him like he’s a super hero for getting her to attend a university that your yearly expenses costs you to buy a brand new car complete with insurance and everything. And her dad is just a broker. One who when there’s no customer, there no income. She loves her dad even if he’s strict and gives her curfews. She loves her dad for being so caring that even if she a thousand miles away from home, he still texts her or calls her asking if she took her lunch already, ate her dinner, done with her assignments, how her day went and was it fun, and telling her good night and good morning.

For someone like me who don’t have a dad, this sounds bit of a dream, there’s no dad like him. But I realized, maybe I was being pessimistic about it. Comparing all the fathers in the world to my dad. I’m so bad for even thinking of that.

We should stop the judgements. I’m not just telling this to myself, but to all of you out there. Never judge a person because of some shallow reason. Girls don’t judge every relationship by the past ones. Guys never think that all girls are Barbie dolls for you to play with. You’re not gay right?
Girls, never think that all guys are the same just because they all have penises. And same idea for guys, all girls have vaginas but we’re not whites or something. We just made that word up.
Never judge.
Enjoy the little things in life okay? — with no judgement.

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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