Be careful! Looks can be deceiving.

do you see that man across the street? wearing a black shirt that looks like 1 size small, that accentuates his rugged muscles? that has body art of so many, i lost count ’cause some of them are inside his shirt, and piercings all over his face, i want to get away from him and hoped i never see his face again.

Do you see that guy? You wouldn’t believe me if I tell you now that I just saw him all sweet with this little girl. About the same hair and face as his, only she’s petite, and looks to be around 5 years younger than the guy… Must be a brother and a sister. She just sneaked at his back before hugging him from behind which surprised him before putting his big arm around her shoulders as they walked away.

How about that lady who’s wearing a lot of branded clothes and expensive jewelry that you should be scared for her safety. Those high-heeled manolo blahniks could buy me about 5 books I guess, maybe more. Diamond dropped earrings that reflect the sun’s light, that blow-dryed hair that looked too pretty to mess up, and how could you not see the cliché of all, Gucci handbag dangling and swaying as she strut. Even her eyes can downgrade you with just a stare.

You won’t believe me what I saw just now… Her, walking out of McDonald’s holding what looks to be like a big mac and large fries. (that’s a lot of calories, is she sure?) And there’s two bags of them! Then she stopped in front of a beggar on the corner and smiled before handing them both bags.

Ironic isn’t it?

Do you remember that teenaged girl who always smiles at everyone as she walks inside the coffee shop? The one who lives at the end of the street around the corner. With auburn hair that bounces at every movement, and skin so white, I thought of giving her a gift card to go to a tanning salon or something– not that her comolexion’s bad, I just want to find out if she looks just as gorgeous if she’s tanned as she is when she’s fair. As I described her, she looks like a happy person isn’t she? Well, what do you know…
She just killed herself two days ago. And to think she just waltzed inside the coffee shop, buying all her favorites the day before the incident. After a day of asking around, they said, she killed herself because she can’t take it anymore… What she can’t take? Others smile? That didn’t seem the reason.

You saw that guy driving a Porsche around town? Wearing expensive clothes but super friendly to everybody, he even knows all our names! Gives expensive gifts when we have birthdays, and even gives his money to charity…
What would you feel likw if you found out that all those money… Are corrupted? Getting moneys from the government for his own wallet… Doing those good Samaritan thing so he could gain more money…

And you saw that old man sitting in his porch all day long at the edge of the city, where almost no one goes to, just those tourists that drive by or some of us who wants to be updated with that old man’s life. Turns out, despite the frailing body of his and that kind-looking eyes, his grandson of 10 years old just called the police a month ago, and filed an arrest to his grandfather. What kind of child would do that to his own grandafather. He is.
His grandfather always beats him up to a bloody pulp almost every night for over a year now. And at first the boy just kept quiet, thinking that his grandpa would be okay again, he just had a bad day… But weeks went by, to months, until a year after. And looks like his old grandpa is having a bad day almost everyday. The boy can’t take it anymore. So he called the cops to save him.

What would you do if you found out that someone you know, who is the total opposite of what emos are and talks about sunshines and rainbows… Plans to kill herself? Would you let her? Or stop her at all costs?

How do you know the ones around you are letting you see their true self? Are you sure your mom is really that sweet, caring, and go-with-the-flow kind of mom? Or is that just an actress playing a part. Are you sure your best of best friends are telling you secrets about them, meant for your ears only? Or are those secrets just lies they made up to make you more their friend or whatever their intention is. Are you even letting the people around you see what you truly are?

We’re all actors and actresses here. Playing a part we want or don’t want.
Be careful. ’cause looks can be deceiving.

enjoy little things…
by Ms. little things 😉


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